Popups for Divi: How to Create a Blog Promotion Popup
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No matter the industry you’re in, a blog is always a powerful addition to your content arsenal. It attracts readers and keeps them engaged on your Divi website, helping you create a community around your brand.

Still, with 49% of bloggers claiming that getting traffic is their biggest challenge, growing a blog audience is never a walk in the park. Sure, you can write a well-thought-out piece of content, but nothing guarantees that you’ll captivate readers to stay on your page and subscribe.

However, thanks to the power of Divi and the popup plugins that we’ve created, you don’t have to start from scratch when promoting your blog content. There are many proven tactics to achieve that, including creating effective popups for your website.

Thus, in this post, we’ll show you how to create a blog promotion popup and how you can use popups to build a bigger audience for your blog content. Let’s begin.

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Why You Need Blog Promotion Popups for Your Divi Website

Having a website is no longer just a luxury but a necessity for any business or individual who wants to establish an online presence.

However, just having a website is not enough to attract visitors and generate leads. In order to increase traffic to their website, many businesses and individuals turn to blogging as a powerful marketing tool. Blogging not only helps to establish a brand’s authority in its niche but also creates opportunities for engagement and interaction with its target audience.

This is where blog promotion popups come in. These popups are designed to grab the attention of website visitors and encourage them to subscribe to a blog’s mailing list or follow the blog’s social media pages.

Creating Blog Promotion Popup with Divi Areas Pro

Both of our plugins, Popups for Divi (FREE) and Divi Areas Pro (PREMIUM with a 14-day money-back guarantee), allow you to present a popup to promote your blog post content.

Watch the Video Tutorial:

For this blog post, let’s start by creating an example popup with Divi Areas Pro, our premium Divi popups extension.

Step 1 – After you’ve downloaded and installed Divi Areas Pro, the first step would be to create the content of your popup with the Divi Builder. 

Open a new Area and start inserting your content.

blog promotion popup

Step 2 – Once that’s ready, you need to navigate to your Divi Area Settings and select Area Type ‘Popup’.

divi areas pro blog promotion popup layout

Step 3 – The next thing you would need to do is create the popup’s automatic trigger that would display the popup after the specific time that you will determine.

Click on the ‘Trigger’ options, choose ‘Add New’, and choose your preferred option. It can be ‘After delay’, ‘On scroll’, ‘Exit-Intent’, etc.

popups for Divi setting the blog promotion popup trigger

Step 4 – After confirming the trigger settings, Save the Area and test it. The popup should appear on your Divi website automatically according to the defined trigger.

blog promotion popup appearing

And done! Working with Divi Areas Pro was super easy, right? The simplest and most effective steps to create a great popup for your Divi website.

For any questions regarding the plugin, you can write a message to our technical support department or visit our knowledge base.

Now, let’s move on to the information that you need to be aware of to make your blog promotion popups as effective as possible.

Use Popups to Get More Blog Subscribers

In most cases, people read a blog post and then leave websites. In fact, even the best blogs out there won’t be able to grow their email lists without asking for readers to subscribe.

Take Morning Brew as an example. As one of the most popular finance publications on the planet, they still don’t miss an opportunity to reach as many subscribers as possible on their website.

Morning Brew Homepage

Morning Brew Blog

Now, popups can play a significant role in this, particularly when displayed at the right moment and place. Think about what the readers would get by subscribing to your blog newsletter.

blog promotion popup for email subscribers

If we take Morning Brew as an example again, we know that people want to learn something smart, and there are hardly better financial nuggets out there that can enrich your mind daily.

This is a type of popup that you want to present to readers after they’ve read at least one blog post, and most importantly, you want the subscription invitation to be authentic and delivered to those who haven’t subscribed yet or opened your blog posts for the first time.

Do you have popular or evergreen topics such as how-to or ultimate guides related to the page the reader is on? That’s a great moment to show a popup or a slide-in that can promote those pieces to new audiences.

blog promotion popup for content upgrade
WordStream Blog

Take WordStream, one of the best online advertising agencies’ blogs as an example.

They have an extra guide, e-book, or a long-form article for literally any topic of their blog, which is always attractive for the readers that want to learn more. The popups such as the above literally act as an advertisement for the quality of your blog content.

Again, to execute these types of popups, make sure to keep them relevant and get the right timing. Let’s face it. Nobody would want to read an entire long-form guide post until they finish with the page they’re on.

Keep that in mind and promote blog content upgrades when users scroll at least 70% of the page.

Over to You

And that would be just about everything you need to kick-start blog content promotion with popups.

You’ve learned how to create a blog promotion popup with our Divi Areas Pro plugin, and we’ve also provided you with the most effective tips to use those popups to bring more readers to your blog.

Of course, there will be a lot more work and tactics to implement to cover every aspect of your blog content. But if you have great content already that deserves more attention, a well-timed popup is the way to go.

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