Popups for Divi

Create Popups in the Visual Builder!

  • Transform every Section into a popup
  • Unlimited Popups on every page
  • Trigger popups via Button or Link
  • Extendable via a professional JavaScript API
  • No configuration, simply install and use

Divi Popups the way they should be


The plugin adds a brand-new “Popup” tab to the Section-Settings Modal to turn the Section into a Popup!


Show your popups when you need them. For example when clicking a Link or Button. Or on Exit-Intent.


Every line of code is optimized to load your page as fast as possible. Absolutely compatible with all caching plugins.


Divi Areas goal is to support every Module that is available in Divi. It plays well with the Divi Builder plugin, WooCommerce, the Extra theme, and more.


At the foundation of the plugin is a battle tested, highly flexible API that you can integrate into your theme to take your website to the next level

Developers love them

A stable JavaScript API and possible customization via WordPress Filters make this Plugin even more versatile!

Visual Builder

Transform every Divi-Section into a Popup. Configuration is simple via our innovative UI right inside the Divis Section-Settings Modal.

Free, forever

Popups for Divi is and stays free: No fees, no ads, no nags, just Popups. It comes with a GPL compatible license.

Frequent Updates

There’s a lot on our roadmap, and we also listen to our customers. Count on fast bug-fixes, stable code and frequent improvements.

Your first popup, in 60 seconds

  1. Install the Plugin
    Log into your Admin Dashboard and find the Plugin Popups for Divi. Install and activate it.
  2. Define a popup
    Enter the Visual Builder and add a new section. In the Section Settings enable the option “This is a Popup” and set the popup ID to “sample“.

  3. Trigger the popup
    Simply add a new button to a different section and set the link URL to “#sample“. Simple!

  4. Done
    Now save your page and load it without the Visual Builder – your popup is ready!

    The result: View popup

All Popup Options


This is a Popup

Turns the current Divi Section into a Popup. When enabled, additional Options become available.

Popup ID
Assign a unique ID to the Popup. You can display this Popup by using this name in an anchor link, like “#slug”.


Close on Background-Click
Here you can decide whether the Popup can be closed by clicking somewhere outside the Popup. When this option is disabled, the Popup can only be closed via a Close Button or pressing the ESC key on the keyboard.
Close other Popups

Here you can decide whether this Popup should automatically close all other Popups when it is opened.

Enable Exit Intent
When you enable the Exit Intent trigger, this Popup is automatically opened before the user leaves the current webpage. Note that the Exit Intent only works on desktop browsers, not on touch devices.

Close Button

Show Close Button

Do you want to display the default Close button in the top-right corner of the Popup?

Button Color

Here you can choose whether the Close button should be dark or light. If the section has a light background, use a dark button. When the background is dark, use a light button.


  • Dark
  • Light
Transparent Background

Here you can choose whether the Close button has a Background color or only displays the Icon.


Add a Default Shadow
Decide whether you want to add a default shadow to your Popup. You should disable this option, when you set a custom Box-Shadow for this Section.


Disable on

This will disable the Popup on selected devices


  • Phone
  • Tablet
  • Desktop

The JavaScript API

The JavaScript Events

Customization in WordPress.

No content available

Frequent questions. And Answers.

  • Does "Popups for Divi" slow down my website?

    Actually no!

    The plugin is tuned for maximum page performance with no bloat, no external libraries, no tracking.
    In all tests I’ve conducted on various websites, I have literally seen absolute no performance decrease at all. Give it a try yourself!

    The details: The plugin adds a single line of CSS to your page source code. Additionally, a minified JS and a very basic CSS file is loaded on the first page visit. All files are less than 7 kB in size and are cached by the browser. Trust me, your visitors will not notice anything.

  • Is it compatible with my Caching plugin?

    Yes, absolutely!

    This plugin does not create any dynamic HTML content, as other popup plugins do. Performance was the top-criteria when creating this plugin. This means: Popups for Divi embraces every caching plugin you can throw at it!

    Really, there is almost no PHP code at all. The actual plugin is a static JS file, which runs on the users browser. It’s typically is stored in browser-cache and can even be served via a CDN.

  • Which version of Divi do I need?

    The plugin is always compatible with the latest version of Divi.

    We have tested it with all Divi releases, beginning with 3.0.0, but possibly it will even work with older Divi versions. But let’s be realistic; why would anyone use such an old version of Divi!?

  • Is it compatible with the Divi Builder plugin?

    Yes, we frequently test Popups for Divi with the latest version of the Divi Builder plugin and a default WordPress theme.

    But some themes might include CSS or JavaScript that interferes with Popups for Divi. When this is the case, please head over to divimode.com/get-support and let us know about the problems, and we’ll help you get the plugin working on your website!

  • Will it also work with other themes?

    Good question. Yes, it does!

    In fact, the plugin is a regular popup module, which (by design) is pre-configured for the Divi theme and Divi Builder plugin. But the plugin offers a WordPress filter which you can use to re-configure it for any other theme that you can think of! Just have a look at the filter “evr_divi_popup-js_data” and you will find everything you need.

  • It's not working. Can you help me?

    Of course, we do our best to provide support for this plugin via the wordpress.org support forums.

    Really, this plugin has a fantastic community, and we love to be in touch with you and see how you use this plugin to improve your Divi sites. 😄

    But please keep in mind that this is a free plugin, and we cannot answer all requests instantly. But if you wait, you'll get our response eventually.

    In case you need priority-support, you can always purchase a Divi Areas Pro license and make use of the Live Chat support.

Test Popups for Divi now!

You can install the plugin for free from the WordPress plugin repository and try it yourself!