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Divi Areas Pro

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Pre-built Layout Library

Access a growing library of pre-built layouts, including popups, fly-ins, hovers, and more, to use on your website with ease.

Interactive Content Creation

Create dynamic and interactive content using Divi Areas Pro’s flexible UI.

Conditional Content Display

Show content based on specific conditions, such as page, device, user role, or date related settings, using Area conditions.

Custom Trigger Creation

Fine-tune the trigger of every Area with custom triggers, including time-based, scroll-event, exit-intent, click, hover, and back-button triggers.


Achieve top-notch compatibility with the Divi and Extra Theme, the Divi Builder Plugin, WooCommerce, and more.

Powerful API

Benefit from a powerful API that allows you to create custom features and integrations seamlessly, with clean and lightweight code.
Try Divi Areas Pro today and see how it can enhance your websitebuilding skills and take your online presence to the next level
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{The team is outstandingly helpful. I had a very specific and complex problem involving several plugins, and they were able to help me all the way to a solution. I would've suffered terribly had they not had such an amazing, knowledgeable and quick support system. If you're wondering if this is the right popup plugin to go with, then just do it. It's by far the best one.
Bruno B.

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Divi Areas Pro URL Conditions

Popups for Divi

You can download the full plugin “Popups for Divi” from the plugin repository. It’s free, so give it a try in your next Divi project.

Our Mission for a Better Web

So, you’re diving into the world of Divi? Great choice! We’re here to make that journey even better. I’m Philipp, the founder of Divimode, and since 2019, we’ve been all about making your Divi experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

You see, at Divimode, it’s not just about creating plugins. It’s about creating possibilities. Our pride and joy, Divi Areas Pro, is designed to feel like a natural part of your Divi workspace. No complicated stuff, just straightforward, powerful tools to bring your ideas to life.

But that’s not all. We believe in sharing knowledge, not just software. Our blog is packed with tips, tricks, and insights because we love seeing you succeed and grow in your online business.

We’re on this journey together, and every step of the way, we’re committed to providing you with tools and insights that make a real difference. So go ahead, explore, create, and let’s make something amazing together!

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{Brilliant documentation and tutorials. I have learned so much.
W. M.
{Love the Popups for Divi plugin! It took me 5 minutes to make it work 🙂
Afshin M
{Engaged a designer for my blog, and Divi Areas Pro was installed. The designer was not helpful, and had to seek help myself. Used the premium support and Philipp was here to assist! This is what I call great customer support! Thanks
Stephen N
{When I updated the Divi theme on a client site, I was struggling with other popup builders. Divimode not only worked seamlessly, but also offered smart, well-documented solutions for designing popups in Divi.
Clifford P.
{Works perfect! Thanks for this useful plugin
{Very good & Does what it should do. 🙂