Divi Torque Review: A great Divi Add-on
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Do you ever feel like your Divi website needs a little something extra? Or are some features missing from the regular Divi library and features list? Well, we have an answer for you! The Divi Torque plugin. The Divi Torque for Divi Builder plugin is a plugin that adds a wide range of modules and extensions to the Divi Builder. You can then use these modules and extensions to create a variety of different website layouts, including portfolios, business sites, and more.

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What Are The Main Features of the Divi Torque Plugin?

Some of the features of Divi Torque for Divi Builder include:

  • A wide range of modules and extensions, including flip boxes, hotspots, Lottie animations, social share buttons, and more.
  • Customizable settings for each module and extension, so you can create the perfect layout for your website.
  • Easy to use interface, so you can add modules and extensions to your website quickly and easily.

How Does The Divi Torque Plugin Compare to Other Divi Add-ons?

There are a lot of different Divi add-ons available these days, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. The Divi Torque add-on is just one of the available add-ons. What makes the Divi Torque Plugin stand out from the rest is the fact that the Divi Torque modules and extensions are highly customizable. This way you can create the perfect layout for your company website.

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What Are The Pros and Cons of the Divi Torque Plugin?

Divi Torque Plugin Pros

  • A wide range of new modules and elements: The Divi Torque plugin adds a wide range of new modules and elements to the Divi theme, giving users more options for creating custom layouts. Some of the new modules and elements include:
    • Call to action buttons
    • Pricing tables
    • Accordions
    • Carousels
    • Infographics
  • Enhanced design options: The Divi Torque plugin also includes a number of enhanced design options, such as the ability to add custom fonts, colors, and backgrounds to modules and elements. This gives users more control over the look and feel of their websites.
  • Improved performance: The Divi Torque plugin is designed to improve the performance of the Divi theme, making it faster and more responsive. This is important for websites with a lot of traffic or that use a lot of multimedia content.

Divi Torque Plugin Cons

  • Price: The Divi Torque plugin is a premium plugin, and it can be expensive for some users.
  • Learning curve: The Divi Torque plugin can have a steep learning curve, and it may be difficult for some users to learn how to use all of its features.
  • Compatibility: The Divi Torque plugin is only compatible with the Divi theme, and it may not work with other themes.

Divi Torque Plugin Costs

The Divi Torque Plugin has a free version that works extremely well, but it also offers three different payment options for extra features and website sizes.

You can get lifetime access to 30+ modules and every template available today, plus any new modules and templates they add in the future for a simple one-time price. Their pricing model is as follows:

What Are Our Overall Thoughts on the Divi Torque Plugin?

Personally, at Divimode we had to test the plugin in order to write this Divi Torque Review. Let’s be honest, we were pleasantly surprised! This Divi Add-on was a great benefit to some of the features we were looking to add to our Divi website. We definitely recommend that you check this plugin out for yourself.

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