Divi Popup Plugins Compared

One challenge every Divi user faces sooner or later is the need to add a Popup to their website. While Divi offers countless ways to design beautiful websites, it still lacks the ability to create popups using the Divi Builder.

A lot of web designers and web developers are facing the same problem. But the good news is that there are solutions! Some of those web developers have created and developed different solutions over the years to help people with their Divi Popup problem. In this article, we will discuss the different popup plugins that easily integrate into Divi.

Some words from the Author

I have used all plugins in this list on real-world websites. This is not a summary of the plugins landing page but a real review based on my experience I’ve built in countless projects I completed for myself or my clients.

Please note that I’m the author of two plugins on this page – namely Popups for Divi and Divi Areas Pro. I did my best to write a thorough and objective review of the “competing” plugins: I do not want to give the impression that my work is superior, but share a detailed comparison of all products with you.

Affiliate notice: We spend a lot of time testing and reviewing products to help you make better decisions before buying them yourself. Even if we try to be objective in our reviews, they are still biased by our experience. However, we never write a review that is influenced by an affiliate commission! Further down on this page you will find affiliate links. If you use one of those affiliate links, we may earn a small share of the revenue, without you paying more.

Free Solutions


Bloom is a premium plugin offered by elegant themes themselves. However, your Divi subscription includes access to the Bloom plugin. As Bloom is bundled with your Divi licenses fee, I count this one as a "free" plugin.

Only Opt-Ins

Bloom is not a feature-rich Popup plugin as the other plugins on this page. In fact, it can do one thing only: Collect email addresses of your visitors! And it does this really well; in fact, no other plugin on this list is as fitted for this task as Bloom is.

Built for marketing

Bloom ships with marketing tools baked right into its core. It tracks your Opt-in performance and tells you, which versions work best. You can even run an A/B split test and compare two forms against each other.



  • It's included in your Divi subscription (i.e., making it "free")
  • It's super-efficient and flexible when it comes to collecting email addresses
  • It offers an intuitive and easy to use Opt-In builder
  • Many professional layouts to choose from
  • The preview-function in the admin editor is amazing
  • An integrated analytics module gives you an overview of your opt-in performance
  • It has advanced marketing features, such as A/B testing


  • Limited to a single use-case: Can only create Opt-In forms
  • It's not really a Divi extension but a stand-alone plugin (yeah, it feels like cheating!)


Included in your Divi subscription. Otherwise $89/year
GPL compatible license

Popups for Divi

This plugin is a pure Divi extension that is offered in the wordpress.org plugin repository. That makes it super simple for you to add it to your website: It can be installed directly from your Plugins page in the wp-admin dashboard.

Design right inside the Visual Builder

The plugin does not add a new page to your wp-admin section. Popups are created right inside the Divi page that should display the Popup later: When you add the CSS class "popup" to a section, it's automatically changed into a ... Popup, right! Also, each Popup needs a CSS ID so it can be identified and opened again later.

Opening a Popup is a straight forward process: Change the "Link" attribute of a button to the CSS ID. When you click that button (outside the Visual Builder) you'll see that Popup pop up.

Developer friendly

Another unique feature of the plugin is, that it offers a JS API that you can use to create custom triggers, like a timed Popup or trigger it only for logged-out users, etc.

Onboarding and Documentation

After installing the plugin there is a notice displayed in the wp-admin dashboard that lets you sign up for an onboarding email course with some tips and documentation. Also, there's public documentation on the plugin website (here) and tutorials on some advanced topics.

There is some demo content available to download to help new users understand how the plugin works. Those demos are simple, exported Divi pages that you can import right inside the Visual Builder to get some working Popups.



  • Design Popups right inside the page, no need to switch to a different Popup editor
  • Demo content with ready-made popups help you to understand the plugin quickly
  • Fully compatible with caching plugins
  • Developers: The plugin comes with a documented JS API
  • You can opt-in to a free onboarding email course


  • It has no UI and therefore no settings. You need to remember CSS class names to customize Popups
  • Each Popup is made of exactly 1 section (but it can have multiple rows)


Available for free in the wordpress.org repository
GPL compatible license

Premium Solutions

Divi Overlays

Divi Overlays is possibly the oldest Popup plugin for Divi: It was first released in January 2017 and is still very successful today! In my experience, it works very reliably once you understand how to use all settings.

Big plus: Animations and Scheduling

With this plugin you can choose from a big list of unique opening animations. Another feature, which sets this plugin apart is its ability to schedule Overlays - both by setting a start/end date, or by defining a weekly recurring pattern.

UI clarity?

When designing my Popups I found some options, where I could not figure out, how (or where) to use. For example there's a checkbox called "URL trigger" that did not seem to have any effect. Also, there are multiple CSS selector values displayed.

Preview every change

In my experience, the Popup position depends on the Animation you choose. So, the fade-in animation positioned the Popup roughly in the center, while the "Door" or "Corner" animations positioned the Popup in the top of the window.

Also, the Popup stretches over 100% of the window width by default. You can change this by setting a custom pixel-width in the Divi Section (percentage width did glitch in the past). So make sure to test the Popup after changing any details.

Also, note that the "close cookie" is set upon opening the Overlay. That means, your Overlay will be marked as "closed" even if the user did not actually close (or maybe read) the Overlay.



  • Battle tested track record since early 2017
  • Create new Overlays in the wp-admin area via a custom Post type
  • Use Divis' Visual Builder to design Overlays
  • Open Overlays with a custom animation
  • Automatic triggers: Timed, On Scroll, Exit-Intent
  • Trigger Overlays via click on a CSS selector


  • The admin UI still looks like "2017"
  • Usage is not always clear, as fields have no description and are not always intuitive
  • Layout such as position and Overlay size are a bit unpredictable
  • Close cookie is already set upon opening an Overlay


From 24 $ / year, for 1 website

Divi Popup Module

This premium plugin offers a single new Divi Module that you can insert into your page content. In that module you can pick a Popup-Style, and choose between a handful of content options (from simple image to a custom Rich-Text field). That's not the most flexible extension you say? But wait, it might be just right for you!

Unbeatable licensing

First have a look at the pricing and license: Yes, it has a single license model, which is "unlimited and lifetime". That's a big advantage, especially if you are looking for those rare plugins that still offer one-time-payments.

Ease of use

Though it feels limiting to have a single Rich Text area to fill in the content, it can also be liberating. No more design choices or confusing options. So, if you want your client to manage their popups on their own, this might be your best bet!

Briefly broke with Divi 4

I'm a big fan of this plugin, as it has many good points. However, I've had one client that used this plugin for a long time (and still does) who upgraded to Divi 4. After the update they were suddenly unable to edit their Popups. The module would open but the content area was empty. It was not tragic, as it was "only" an editing issue that was solved by deleting and re-creating all Popups. But it was an annoyance that I never experienced with the other plugins.



  • One time payment for an unlimited license
  • Great choice of Popup triggers
  • It's very simple to use, because it's a single Divi Module
  • Choose from 5 pre-defined popup layouts, great for design-shy users
  • Option to auto-close a Popup X seconds after opening it


  • The content is a single Rich-Text area, which makes the Module a bit inflexible
  • Almost no way to customize the Popup layout. Only width/height can be set
  • Also, the modal background cannot be customized. It always uses your Divi accent-color
  • It broke when updating a site to Divi 4.0


$16 (one time) for unlimited websites

Divi Areas Pro

Divi Areas Pro is the premium version of Popups for Divi and offers many unique features. It comes with all the features of the free plugin and adds a new admin section on top of it. Popups can be created in the same way as in Popups for Divi - right inside your Divi pages by adding a CSS class, or by designing them on the admin page.

Popups and more

While the free plugin can be used to create Popups, the premium version also supports Fly-Ins, Hover Areas and inline Areas. So, if you need a solution that handles general marketing tasks, this might be your choice.

Divi Areas Pro comes with a sophisticated admin editor. Customizing a Popup feels like working with Divi directly.

Modern and extendable

Because Divi Areas Pro is quite young, its Code adapts to the latest standards. All JS and CSS is minified - even the dynamic scripts that are injected into your HTML!

While other plugins are quick to add Cookies to track closed Popup, this plugin uses the more modern localStorage API to track those details. Of course, when localStorage is not supported by the current browser, it falls back to traditional Cookies.

The other big advantage of Divi Areas Pro is the documented and extendable JS API: You can add custom JS code to monitor and trigger Popups.

The price!

While the plugin is a solid all-round solution you might notice the price: With $47 per year it's not the cheapest plugin. Actually, it's the most expensive Popup solution that's exclusively built for Divi that we saw.

For that price you get some extras that other plugins do not have: First, the simplest license can be used on 5 live websites (so a single license is less than $10). Also, it includes features that other companies sell separately, namely Popups, Fly-Ins and Hover Areas. So, even if it appears costly, we believe it's worth the money.



  • It contains all features that Popups for Divi offers
  • Create new Popups in the wp-admin area via a custom Post type, or directly on the page (like Popups for Divi)
  • It combines Popups with other features, such as Fly-Ins and Hover Areas
  • Help and tips are built into the plugins admin UI
  • A completely "Divi-like" admin layout. It's hard to tell where Divi ends and Divi Areas begins
  • It's compatible with caching plugins
  • Even the dynamic JS snippets (with the Popup-Settings) are highly minimized. It's goal is performance
  • Public knowledge base with documentation and examples
  • Automatic triggers: Timed, On Scroll, Exit-Intent, On Click, On Hover
  • Uses localStorage to track closed Popups for better performance


  • It's higher priced than other solutions
  • From all plugins on this list, it's the youngest one


From $47/year, for 5 websites
No GPL compatible license


Which Popup Plugin is the right choice, depends on your specific needs.

If you only want to use the Popup to build an email list, the choice is clear: Go for Bloom! It integrates perfectly with Divi and handles this one task extremely well.

When you don’t want to spend money on a premium plugin (yet), then install Popups for Divi! However, as it does not provide a UI at all, it can be a little bit confusing at first. So you should take a few minutes to read the documentation and import the demo pages with the sample Popups.

The Divi Popup Module is easy to use when you need to create simple Popups. It has a rather limited feature set – be aware of that, before you purchase this premium plugin.

Divi Overlays‘ largest asset is its age – it has a proven track record starting in early 2017. In that time new features and stability improvements were added, but the user interface is still far from modern and takes a while to get used to.

Divi Areas Pro is the only plugin with a UI that blends into Divi. Also, it’s the most feature-rich plugin to create Popups and other “Areas” (like Fly-Ins). The public knowledge base, thorough documentation and built-in help content also help to justify this plugins price.

Do you think, some aspect is missing (or wrong) in this review? Or are you looking to have another Divi extension reviewed on divimode.com? Head over to the review form and submit a request!