The future of Popups for Divi ๐Ÿคฉ
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The plugin “Popups for Divi” is available for free in the WordPress plugins repo for almost two years now! It has constantly evolved since the launch and adapted to the latest versions of Divi and WordPress and became a feature-rich, stable popup solution for Divi websites!

Popups for Divi has limitations

During all that time I received a lot of questions and feature requests for the free plugin. The plugins extensive JS API can solve any thinkable usage of the Popups plugin. However, it has a big downside: You need to understand and write Javascript code in order to use it!

While that is perfectly fine for other developers, it limits non-developers to using the default triggers (i.e., click or exit-intent). My tutorials on advanced Popups for Divi techniques offer support for many users that are comfortable to copy-paste and modify code snippets.

You want an advanced solution

There is a constant demand for support and guidance – through the official forum, via email, or social media channels. I could not handle all requests in a timely manner, as the plugin was free and needed to both develop and support the plugin in my spare time. So I started to offer premium support via Codeable.

This allowed me to dedicate more time to the support of the plugin. As more paid support request reach me, it becomes very clear, that you want a more intuitive and clear solution to configure and manage your popups.

And that’s exactly how I felt: Even though Popups for Divi is a great entry point that adds powerful marketing features to your website, it leaves many blanks unfilled. What about displaying popups as a slide-in area instead of always covering the entire website? Or using them as a tooltip area that opens when you hover over an element? And maybe you also want to display a popup only to logged out (or logged in) users, but how?

Those (and a lot more) are features that I wanted, or needed, for some projects. So far I have built them individually by writing custom code that (ab)uses the Popups for Divi JS API.

I can hear you asking … why not create a new plugin, that offers those features, for people that are not able (or do not want) to write code? Yeah, actually why not?

Divi Areas is a real Pro

First, I started to think about a “Popups for Divi Pro”, but that would not adequately describe the rich feature-set that I have in mind for this new plugin. So after long back and forth, I decided to launch the all-new “Divi Areas Pro” plugin! ๐ŸŽ‰

A “Divi Area” is a content area that can contain multiple Divi sections and has some display options. This content area can be displayed in one of many ways – not only as a popup but also as an inline banner or as a hover section, and more.

This content area can be displayed in one of many ways – not only as a popup but also as an inline banner or as a hover section, and more.

Screenshot of the Divi Areas Pro editor
The new Divi Areas Pro plugin!

It comes with a copy of the free Popups for Divi plugin baked into it. In order to do this, I had to refactor and improve major parts of the free plugin. Divi Areas Pro uses the same JS API as the free plugin. By developing new Pro features, the free plugin will continue to evolve even further. A big win for both plugins!

The core of the new Pro plugin is the new menu section in your wp-admin dashboard that allows you to create Divi Areas and inject them into any page. This way you can conveniently create and configure your Divi Areas in a central place and add them to any page you like, or multiple pages at once. Without duplicating code anywhere.

The new admin UI is handcrafted to feel natural and intuitive.
The new admin UI is handcrafted to feel natural and intuitive.

To enhance the fact, that it is a true Divi Pro-Plugin, the entire UI is designed to look like a native Divi panel. Its UI is handcrafted in a pixel-perfect manner so it feels natural to use. The familiar UI makes it so easy to use the plugin, you will not recognize where Divi ends and Divi Areas starts.

The plugin settings page is built in the familiar Divi layout
Even the plugin settings page has that familiar UI layout

That new UI also addresses one of the biggest challenges of the free plugin, that has no UI at all: Help and support! Every single setting and flag comes with a built-in help text that describes the use or gives you extra context. In addition, there is a constantly growing knowledge base on this website that is accessible right through the plugin.

Divi Areas Pro offers inline-help for every option, with integrated knowledge-base links.
Divi Areas Pro offers inline-help for every option, with integrated knowledge-base

On top of that, Divi Areas Pro offers new content types (which are currently in an internal testing phase). It allows you to create tooltips, inline sections, and fixed bars/fly-ins. With that, you can add almost any kind of marketing content to your website, that you can think of.

There’s a full roadmap for the plugin. Soon the plugin allows you to schedule Areas to automatically activate or deactivated at a certain date, and we also look at different ways to add more advanced animations when opening or closing a Divi Area (i.e. “Popup”). Another feature that is confirmed to arrive soon, is a way to customize the build-in “Close” button of every Area.

Besides that, I still evaluate a lot of other features, such as geo-targeted Areas (or language-based ones) and I listen closely to your feedback and requests to determine which options to add next.

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