Area Type: Fly-In


A Fly-In works very similarly to a Popup : It is initially hidden and can be displayed by a variety of events that can be defined via automatic triggers – including scrolled and time-based events.

They are a highly converting and non-disrupting alternative to Popups, because they are not modal.

Fly-Ins are always aligned to an edge of the viewport and do not move while the user scrolls.

A Popup can be displayed once only (for example after a few seconds) or multiple times (for example every time a user clicks on a specific button).

Possible Triggers

Fly-Ins support all triggers that are available in Divi Areas Pro.

Usage examples

Fly-Ins are often used to collect email addresses (newsletter subscription).

Because they are not modal, users do not find them as distracting as Popups. As a result, people do not close them right away and therefore have a longer exposure time, which in turn increases the conversion rate!


By setting the width of a Fly-In to “100%” (or 100vw) you can easily create a notification bar that spans across the entire width of the browser viewport.

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