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An inline area cannot be triggered. It is either always visible or always hidden.

However, its visibility can be controlled by using the Area Display conditions and Area Location options to show the area only on selected pages, for specific user roles or in certain locations.

Possible locations

Inline areas can be used to provide a custom header or footer, as well as adding current offers/information on many pages at once.

  • Replace the header or footer
  • Or display an area right before/after the header or footer
  • Display before or after the post content
  • Inject before or after a certain Divi section

Usage examples

Footer-replacements make it easy for you, to design your own global page footer. Or to define a custom footer that you use on multiple landing pages.

Shops might use the inline area to drive attention (or traffic) or current sales actions.


Inline areas are more subtle than Fly-ins and are less often perceived as an advertisement.

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