How to Create High-Converting WordPress Popups

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It can be really hard for some business owners to turn visitors into actual leads on their WordPress website. Many business owners are wondering what the secret might be in turning visitors into leads. What if I told you that you can easily turn your website, and visitors, into proper leads by creating high-converting WordPress popups?

A WordPress Popup, that is designed and created with the Best WordPress popup plugin, can be the secret to your success. Popups can help you promote products, drive sales, improve your email list, and more.

In this article, we will talk about all the best practices needed to create high-converting WordPress popups. I will show you exactly how to create beautiful popups, perfectly optimized for mobile users as well.

The Basic Layout of a High-Converting Popup

A High-Converting WordPress popup always has a certain layout that will allow your visitors to convert. This includes using images and other visual elements that play an important role in drawing visitors to take action. Colorful popups and web pages are generally more appealing to website visitors.

Make sure you always include visual elements that fit your brand, are attention-grabbling, and stand out from the rest of your website. Sometimes including a more exciting background pattern can do the trick.

When it comes to your call-to-action, make sure you let them stand out by using plenty of contrast. This way, your users can see where they are supposed to click.

The last and final aspect of a high-converting popup design is to make sure people can easily close the popup. Avoid closing elements that are excessively small, close to the side of the screen, or otherwise hard to use. People can easily get annoyed.

The Importance of a Mobile Design

One of the most important factors of a high-converting WordPress popup is to make sure that you have a mobile-specific design. In 2022, your entire site must be mobile-optimized. This also goes for popups.

To make sure that your mobile users have a good time:

  • Reduce form fields to a minimum
  • Shorten copy and Calls-to-Action
  • Avoid loading-intensive images

The Best WordPress Plugin to Use to Create a Popup

You’ll need to get the Popups For Divi plugin, the best WordPress popup plugin, to be able to create attractive and effective popup campaigns.

Popups For Divi

This is how you can easily install the plugin and create high-converting WordPress popups:

  • Log into your Admin Dashboard and find the Plugin Popups for Divi. Install and activate it.
  • Define The Popup – Enter the Visual Builder and add a new section. In the Section Settings, enable the option “This is a Popup” and set the popup ID to “sample“.
  • Trigger the popup – Simply add a new button to a different section and set the link URL to “#sample“. Simple!
  • Now save your page and load it without the Visual Builder – your popup is ready!

You can learn more about the different available popups from Popups for Divi to see what is on offer.

Creating High Converting Popups in a Nutshell

So now that you have installed the best WordPress popup plugin to create your high-converting WordPress popup, you are on the right track! If you take all the necessary steps to make sure your popup is designed with responsiveness in mind and more. You will get new leads in no time.

If you need help designing your popups, we’ve got you! You can read some of our other blogs on this topic.

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