Tips to Create a High-Converting Divi Website

High-converting websites are a must these days. High website traffic will do your website no good if they don’t convert.  In order for your website traffic to convert, you need to make sure that your website is built with conversion in mind. In this article, we will provide you with some tips and ways you can build your Divi website so that your website visitors can turn into leads.

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Develop A high-converting Divi Landing Page

Your Divi website needs to have a combination of functionality, responsiveness, and a great design. These are all factors that go hand in hand and will help you create and develop a high-converting Divi landing page. 

You can do amazing things with your Divi Builder if you have a great website layout in mind. A great thing about Divi is that it has a directory of readily available layouts and themes that you can use as a template for any page on your website.

You can easily add or remove certain elements from the page by using the Divi drag-and-drop feature. Let’s look at a few ways you can improve your pages to increase your conversion rate.

Key Features That A Divi Landing Page Should Include

  • Include a clear call to action such as a lead-capture form, button, or contact form to your page.
  • Have a unique selling point or offer to effectively persuade your website visitors to follow your call to action.
  • Add things like reviews, social posts, and evidence that your offer has done good, in order to support your claims on why people should convert.
  • Do not add any exit links to your Divi landing page, only the call to action.
  • Things like countdown timers work wonders to help website visitors convert. If you create a sense of urgency, people are a lot more eager to convert.

If you need help creating a conversion-optimized Divi website, visit our blog page for great resources, or connect with us on LinkedIn!

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