In Web Design, Easier Doesn’t Always Mean Better
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We are living in an all-around digital world. There are so many tools and builders out there that claim to make business owners and digital marketing professionals’ lives easier. The question is, how truthful is this? Can some of these website tools make the website-building process easier? Well, today we are going to dive a little into the topic of Web design.

All of these tools promise to make our jobs easier, whether you want to write superb code, want to ensure your website has great functionality, or add killer special effects, these solutions aim to do the dirty work for us. Well, I am not so sure! Do they make our lives easier? Unfortunately, with all the tools these days, easier doesn’t always mean better.

There are a few things to consider when choosing to rather go with one of the “easier” tools than creating a website like we used to.

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What Happens When Your Work Gets Lost Using Web Design Tools Like Figma?


When it comes to designing and building a website, you need to be sure that you are using the right tools from the start. If you choose to create your website mockup in design tools like Figma, or Sketch, you are going to use that tool for the entire process. This is a big commitment.

The difference between using a tool like Figma and the old-school DIY manner is the required level of commitment. If you pick the wrong tool, you are stuck with it. A tool that seems easy, might not always be as easy as you think. Stick with the tools that work!

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Easier to Build, Harder To Keep Running

Quicker paths to launching websites have attracted the attention of a lot of people in the design and advertising world these days. Easy design tools and website builders sound wonderful. The problem is that, sometimes, an easier start means more difficult maintenance down the road.

With a platform such as Squarespace, it’s easy to build a website, piece by piece. In the beginning, a platform like Squarespace seems like an easy approach and may work well enough. But in the end, you always have the danger of functionality problems.

With WordPress on the other hand, you have more customizability and can create a website just as you wish, but a little tech knowledge is needed. This is where a website builder like Divi comes in handy. Divi can have a little maintenance down the road, but it is worth it with all the features available.


Building websites on WordPress gives a designer freedom to design a website that works, because of the platforms, functionality, and customizable features. One thing to keep in mind is that whatever way you choose to create your website, always pros and cons. Make sure that the platform or tool you use will actually make your life easier in the end.

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