Divi SEO: 5 Best On-page SEO Practices
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If you are reading our Divimode articles, the chances are, you probably heard of SEO before. Well, in the article, we will take a closer look at Divi SEO, and what on-page SEO practices can be used to improve your Divi website rankings. Let’s get started!

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What is Divi SEO?

Let’s take a closer look at what Divi SEO really is. Well, basically, Divi SEO is the same as SEO (search engine optimization) but only focused on your Divi website. SEO is the practice of improving your website’s performance for better visibility in search engines.

Is Divi Good for SEO?

We at Divimode are keen Divi users. So, is Divi good for SEO? The easy answer is, yes!

Divi is a user-friendly, and easy WordPress theme designed to be fast, lightweight, and easily customizable. With this in mind, it is important to know that Divi SEO does not come easy. Just like with any other page builder or theme, you need to make sure your website is optimized for on-page SEO from the start.


What Is On-Page SEO?

Now that you know that the Divi Theme is good for SEO, you also know that you need to optimize your website with on-page SEO in mind, from the start. So, what does on-page SEO entail? Basically, on-page SEO entails certain practices and tasks that can be done on your website to improve your website rankings.

Technical SEO affects your entire website, but on-page SEO is more focused on individual elements in your posts and pages.

A Checklist For On-Page SEO

If you are not familiar with SEO and its best practices, it can get overwhelming. Luckily, we’ve put together a Divi SEO checklist to help you master your on-page SEO when creating your Divi website.

Make Sure You Have Installed A Good SEO Plugin

The first thing you need to do is to make sure you have a really good SEO plugin installed on your WordPress website. This way you can be sure that you will be able to take your Divi SEO to the next level.

Create SEO-friendly Content For Your Divi Website

Content is key when it comes to SEO and especially on-page SEO. If you want to boost your Divi SEO, you must invest in creating content that ranks. Not only that, but your content must provide value to readers. 

To create content that’s both SEO and user-friendly:

  • Start with keyword research
  • Ensure your content meets user intent
  • Craft content that’s easy to read
  • Use your keywords in your headline, HTML headers, image alt text, and content
  • Avoid duplicate content

URL structure is another critical element that must be on every SEO checklist. It helps boost your technical SEO and, thus, overall SEO strategy. That’s why you must use the right permalink structure for SEO.

URL structure is important because your URLs tell search engines and users what your page is about. 

To ensure your URLs are SEO-friendly, customize them to be:

  • Logical
  • Short and descriptive
  • Easy to read
  • Intelligible to readers
  • Include your focus keyword
  • Avoid using the default URL WordPress assigns to your posts at all times.

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Optimize The Meta Data Of Your Website

While metadata is not a direct ranking factor, it indirectly impacts your SEO. This is because well-optimized metadata helps improve your clickthrough rates. 

Some of the metadata you must optimize on your Divi pages includes:

  • SEO title: This is the title of a web page and is displayed as part of the snippet on SERPs.
  • Meta description: The meta description summarizes your post and shows users that your post contains the information they’re looking for. 

Optimize your metadata by including your focus keyword, preferably as close to the beginning as possible. Another tip is to stick within the prescribed character limits. Otherwise, some words may be cut off on SERPs. Finally, don’t forget to optimize the metadata for important pages like the homepage and other static pages.

Make Sure You Have A Sitemap

Another way to boost Divi SEO is to create an XML sitemap. This is a file containing the important pages on your website. A sitemap also helps search engines understand your site structure. 

The primary purpose of an XML sitemap is to ensure that search engines can easily find and crawl your essential pages. 

Setting up an XML sitemap is easy, especially with an easy-to-use SEO plugin.

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Wrapping Up

When it comes to Divi SEO and on-page SEO practices, there are multiple ways to give your website a better shot at ranking higher in the SERPs. Take time to consider which steps are best for you and take them step-by-step. Remember, SEO is an ongoing practice!

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