Philipp Stracker

Philipp started in 2019, after building websites for more than 15 years. As Divi enthusiast, WordPress expert, code lover, and (if time permits) hobby blogger.
How To Show a Popup After Scroll Down, Once Per Day Learn, how to display a popup when the user scrolls your page and limit the popup to show once per day Gradient Text Color in Divi In Divi, it's really easy to create a text block that uses some gradient color, or even use an image that gives your text some colours How To Determine Current Action Name and Priority We all know how to attach a custom callback function to a WordPress action.But what happens, when you have multiple actions run the same function? Find out! Optimizing Website Speed: Preparations for Divi 5 Discover essential strategies to optimize your Divi website for speed and prepare for the transformative Divi 5 update Is Your Anchor Link Target Hidden Behind Divis’ Sticky Menu? Do anchor-links scroll "too far" in your Divi theme? This is a well known problem, but has no good solution yet. This blog post explains how to fix it in a modern and clean way How To Use the JS API In this tutorial, we look at three ways you can integrate the custom behavior on your webpage for the Popups for Divi plugin Auto-Close Area After A Delay Let's have a look at how you can create an auto-hide trigger that closes your Areas after a short delay How To Exclude Draft Pages From Your Main Menu In this article, I show you two ways that I found the easiest to fix the draft in the menu problem This Is Our New Partner Agency Everklick is a new Divi agency that can handle anything "WordPress" for you. Working with Everklick can save you many days of work every month Can I Create That Plugin in 24 Hours? When I arrived at the event, the goal was clear: Until the next afternoon, I'd be working on a new privacy plugin to make any WordPress site more GDPR-compliant. And according to the spirit of… Check if a user is logged in, using Javascript It's easy to check, if a user is logged in using WordPress PHP functions. But what to do, if you want to check the login-stat using JavaScript? Customize the Popup Close Button Today we'll have a look at some ways to customize the default close button of Divi Areas. This tutorial also works for the free plugin Popups for Divi