Divi for Business: Why Your Enterprise Should Use Divi
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Launching an enterprise business online is by no means an easy endeavor. In order to remain ahead of the competition, most companies must establish and maintain a scalable web presence.

For that reason, big companies have been investing in web systems for years, looking to scale their operations and provide seamless experiences for their respective clients.

However, WordPress and powerful themes such as Divi provide an affordable alternative for any enterprise looking to expand operations online swiftly and cost-effectively.

In this article, we’ll cover why your enterprise should use Divi for business and look at the most important reasons why Divi is the perfect theme for any company. Let’s begin.

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About the Divi Theme

Launched by Elegant Themes in 2013, the Divi theme has been continuously updated and enhanced to remain one of the most powerful WordPress themes available.

It’s a comprehensive web design platform that helps you create and customize any type of website for your business.

Divi’s Visual Builder provides you with every feature necessary to develop your enterprise website, even without having to tinker with coding or theme modifications – Divi has it all!

If you are a business owner with a scalable web project, Divi is the perfect theme for your venture.

An Intuitive Page Builder

When it comes to customizing your existing content and templates or creating something new from scratch, the Divi Builder boasts some of the most impressive features available for your enterprise:

  • WYSIWYG visual editor for customizing your pages.
  • A wide range of content modules.
  • Ability to create reusable sections across the site.
  • Wireframe mode for a better page structure overview.
  • Wide range of previews for smartphones, tablets, and laptop devices.

The Builder allows you to integrate a wide range of modules in your page layouts, such as CTA buttons, video players, popups, and sliders.

Each module can be personalized for your website and customizer further to make sure that it works well with the operations and appearance of your Divi website.

Aside from the drag-and-drop feature for content creation, Divi also allows you to control the following:

  • Text Styling: You can either set global styles or new fonts for an individual element.
  • Elements Color: You can transform the color, size, and shape of every element in order to stand out on your pages.
  • Effects & Animations: You can include everything from simple shadows and visual filters to different animations for any element.

Each feature of the Divi Builder is created with responsive design in mind, allowing you to edit multiple elements of your page at a time and achieve a visual aesthetic for your content on all devices.

Any piece of content you create with the Divi Builder can be stored and used across your Divi website through the global modules feature, and with this reusable feature, you can create dynamic content that you can update in an instance.

2400+ Pre-Made Designs

Divi for business

If you need help creating and customizing your business website, Divi owns one of the largest selections of quality and beautiful page templates available on the WordPress marketplace.

Over 2,400 pre-made website layouts are available with Divi for free, and brand-new layouts are added regularly, along with royalty-free media through the Divi Design Initiative.

They’re perfect if you don’t have the resources to build a website from scratch. Just choose a layout from the library and import it into your website. Then, you can easily customize the design further.

Regardless of your niche and web project, Divi provides you with a relevant website layout for any purpose.

SEO-Friendly from The Start

Divi for enterprise

Combined with the WordPress CMS, the Divi theme and Builder have implemented all the right features and laid the perfect foundation for your business to rank well on search engines.  

Let’s not forget that WordPress is SEO-friendly out of the box, and while you need to install an SEO plugin and make the required optimizations, WordPress remains the best platform to help you rank your business online.

The Divi Builder allows you to develop mobile-responsive pages that look and work well on different devices. Moreover, Divi allows you to use design templates and page layouts without bloating the website code, which would slow down your pages.

Through simple plugins such as Yoast, you can improve your meta description and content to include the right mix of keywords that can rank you for the specific topic.

The formatting of all Divi layouts and pages allows them to load quickly and seamlessly for the users, and because site speed is an important SERP ranking factor, it’s a pivotal SEO feature of Divi.

In essence, Elegant Themes have eliminated bloat by removing all excessive resources that are not used automatically. Thus, Divi only loads the necessary CSS for the modules that you use and processes the PHP code required to render the specific page.

Built-In Lead Generation

Divi for business

If you’re looking to motivate potential customers and increase sales for your business online, look no further than Divi. Purchasing Divi means that you also get Elegant Themes’ powerful plugin suite as well.

For example, the Bloom email opt-in extension allows you to build your email list efficiently, and the Divi Leads extension enables you to use the A/B testing feature for each of your pages for a precise data overview on which page version delivers the best KPIs and conversion rates.

All you need to do is choose the element you want to test and enable Divi Leads for the specific element with a second version. You can set a goal for each of the experiments, such as click or page visits. Once the test starts running, you’ll discover which version worked the best.

Moreover, Divi’s integrated email opt-in module allows you to build your email list with ease. You can set custom fields with GDPR compliance features, allowing you to segment your lists further.

How Can DiviMode Help?

As the team behind one of the most powerful Divi popup plugins with 100,000+ installationsPopups for Divi, we’re taking great pride in being the creators behind the ultimate solution for transforming every Divi section into a conversion-rate module – Divi Areas Pro.

Divi Areas Pro for Business

Divi Areas Pro is much more than just a popup solution for your Divi website. It’s a comprehensive tool for website owners to grow their email lists and improve conversion rates.

With Divi Areas Pro, you can build and customize campaigns with popups, fly-ins, hovers, mega menus, and conditional inline content, even if you’re a novice Divi user.

Some of the main benefits of using Divi Areas Pro, which make the plugin stand out from the rest in the marketplace, are:

  • Content Interactivity: Go beyond sections and rows. With Popups, Tooltips, Fly-ins, and dynamic Inline Areas, you can create truly interactive content as never before!
  • Content Conditionality: Whether you want to display a Popup on specific pages or show a contact form only to logged-in users: Display Conditions are part of every Divi Area.
  • Custom Triggers: You can fine-tune the trigger of every Area, whether you like to show it after a few seconds, when scrolling down, on exit intent, or when hovering a particular element, or even create complete custom triggers in JavaScript.

With so many beneficial features for your popups and campaigns, with Divi Areas Pro, you can create a variety of individual and global popups for your pages, define when and where each popup gets displayed, and establish relevant email marketing campaigns.

Why use Divi Areas Pro

For a further breakdown of Divi Area Pro’s features and pricing, we invite you to read our detailed blog post: Divi Areas Pro 3: Features Overview & Benefits.

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WooCommerce Integrations

If you want to run an online store, Divi boasts all the powerful WooCommerce features and integrations that allow you to optimize product pages.

The Divi Builder plugin integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, and you can operate your online store effortlessly.

Divi allows you to modify and customize each WooCommerce element with the help of the Divi Builder. You don’t have to use additional CSS or alter your current WooCommerce page with new custom code.

As a matter of fact, recently, Nick Roach introduced eight of Divi’s latest WooCommerce modules and updates, with the ability to customize the entire shopping experience.

Detailed Support & Documentation

Customers that use Divi can open a support ticket through the integrated messenger and the Divi Support Center and get their response from the Elegant Themes team there quickly.

The Divi Support Center can help you optimize your website through the System Status Checkup, and furthermore, the detailed online documentation available remains one of the strongest features that you’ll get by purchasing the theme.

You can learn everything about any feature and get valuable advice on how to sell your products on your Divi website.  

Over to You

By now, you’re probably aware of Divi’s power for any business. Divi is ready for you if you’re looking for a versatile and effortless theme to build your online presence.

Likewise, if you want to build a scalable platform from scratch, Divi and the Page Builder are all you need to achieve that, even without inserting a single piece of code.

With Divi, everything is possible!

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