Creative Divi AI Use Cases You Haven’t Considered Yet
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AI has become the standard in the digital world, and Divi is not one to be left behind. With the introduction of Divi AI, building Divi websites has never been easier. But what exactly is Divi AI? It’s a web design assistant that utilizes generative AI within the Divi editor to speed up website builds. The Divi AI tool offers a range of flexible features that allow you to customize your website in various ways. In this article, we’ll explore the many ways you can leverage Divi AI to enhance your website-building experience. Get ready to discover some exciting features you may not have considered before!

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Creative Use-Cases to Try with Divi AI

This Is What You Can Do With the Divi AI

These are some of the lesser-known things that you can do with the Divi Ai tool.

You Can Translate Website Pages Using Divi AI

Are you creating a website and require it in multiple languages, but unsure about how to easily translate the text? Now, you can utilize the Divi AI tool to effortlessly accomplish this task! With Divi AI, you can seamlessly translate your website pages using the remarkable power of artificial intelligence. No more grappling with manual translation or depending on external services. Divi AI’s language capabilities make it the ideal tool for developing multilingual websites.

To translate a page’s copy, simply click on the text block you want to translate, find the Divi AI button, and select “Translate”. You can then choose the language you want to translate your text to.

Change the Style of Existing Images with AI

Have you considered the convenience of editing your website images directly online? Great news! With Divi AI, you can effortlessly modify the style of your current website images. Generate alternative versions of your image to enhance your website’s creativity. All you need to do is to click on the Divi AI option, and choose “Change styles”.

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Use Divi AI for Writer’s Block

Divi AI is truly remarkable as it possesses knowledge about the overall information of all connected sites and the specific content of your current page. This exceptional capability enables the AI to generate content effortlessly, without the need for manual prompts. It’s truly an extraordinary feature! If you find yourself with a page that lacks content and are uncertain about the next steps, simply utilize Divi AI for suggestions.

The process is incredibly simple. Just add a module to your page and click on “Auto Generate Text With AI“. This action will set the wheels in motion, allowing Divi AI to consider the available context and create content within the module.

Create Unique AI Content with Advanced Editing Quick Actions

We all make typing mistakes. With this feature, you can effortlessly edit and correct your writing. Simply open your Divi text module, click the AI icon, and choose “Fix Spelling & Grammar.” This will run your content through an AI copy editor, resolving all major issues. The Divi AI will correct any mishaps and mistypes in your content. Spelling and grammar mistakes, both common and uncommon, are a thing of the past.

Generate Fast FAQ Content

Divi AI is incredibly efficient and speedy when it comes to creating FAQs for web pages. Divi AI effortlessly handles this task.

To accomplish this, the easiest method is to incorporate an accordion module. Utilize Divi AI to produce a well-crafted question in the initial accordion element. Simply input your parameters and click on the “Generate Text” button. If you utilized Divi AI to generate or rephrase a question, you can easily insert the AI-generated question into the module by clicking on “Use This Text“.

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Create Perfectly-Sized Images

With Divi AI, you have complete control over the aspect ratios of your website images. It generates perfectly sized images, ensuring they are neither too small nor too big. To create a custom-sized image, simply hover over the image box and click on the Divi AI icon. From there, select “Generate Image.” You can then describe the image you want to create, set any desired image styles, and choose the desired aspect ratio for your image.

Enrich Any Content with Relevant Keywords

Sometimes, adding keywords to your copy is effortless, while other times it can be challenging. When inspiration strikes, you may find yourself writing without considering whether the content is perfectly optimized for SEO. This is where Divi AI can assist you by enhancing previously written content with your desired keywords.

To utilize this feature, begin by opening a Divi module containing text. Next, click on the “AI” icon and choose the option “Improve With AI.”

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Upscale Small or Pixelated Images

In the 21st century, it is not uncommon to come across tiny or low-quality images. Unfortunately, this can render what would have been a perfect photo unusable. However, thanks to AI technology, this is changing. There are numerous AI image enhancers available in the market, but none of them are directly integrated with your WordPress media library like Divi AI. Moreover, Divi AI offers a wide range of other AI features, making it a comprehensive solution for creative web design.

To upscale any image using Divi AI, simply open a Divi module that supports an image or background image. Then, load your image into the designated field, click on the “AI” icon, and select “Upscale.”

Wrapping It Up

The Divi AI is an extremely great new feature to the already amazing Divi Builder. With this AI tool, you can easily improve your new company website without any stress.

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