Flush the Divi Areas Cache

Divi Areas Pro uses various caching mechanisms to optimize the performance of your website. Usually, you don’t need to flush (purge) the cache: The plugin automatically refreshes relevant parts of the cache as you modify your website.

However, there are cases when manually clearing the cache is helpful, such as:

  • You made changes in the database (like an import or via SQL)
  • You changed files via FTP, like updating a child-themes CSS file
  • In some other edge cases

In case you experience any problems with Divi Areas Pro, it’s always a good start to first flush the cache and test again.

How to flush the cache?

  1. Navigate to wp-admin > Divimode > Settings
  2. Open the tab General / Tools
  3. Hit the button “Flush Cache” and wait for the process to finish

Your website will feel a little sluggish for the next few seconds because WordPress and Divi Areas Pro will create new cache data. This is normal, and usually only affects the first request on a page.

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