JS Actions

doAction( “init_overlay” )

Allows custom initialization of the background overlay.

doAction( “before_show_area” )

Fires before an Area is displayed

doAction( “enabled_scrolling” )

Scrolling of the document was enabled again

doAction( “load” )

Fires after the API was fully loaded, but before it is initialized

doAction( “hide_overlay” )

Fired after the background overlay was hidden again

doAction( “area_close_button” )

Allows customization of the default close button

doAction( “disabled_scrolling” )

Scrolling of the document was disabled

doAction( “init_area” )

Fired right after an area was fully initialized and is ready to be displayed.

doAction( “position_boundary” )

Allows modification of the Area position boundaries.

doAction( “blur_area” )

Fired after event handlers were removed from the Area