JS Filters

applyFilters( “area_general_conditions” )

Allows to add custom Area conditions right after the page loaded

applyFilters( “get_data” )

Filters a value that was just read from a Cookie or the localStorage

applyFilters( “pre_init_area” )

Called before a new Divi Area is initialized

applyFilters( “init_options” )

Filters the initial JS options while preparing the JS API

applyFilters( “push_fixed_elements_{edge}” )

Register custom fixed elements for the push-content logic

applyFilters( “area_preparation_time” )

Filter the default detach delay when creating a new Area.

applyFilters( “set_data_expire” )

Filters the lifespan of a local data entry

applyFilters( “ignore_overlay_click” )

Allows to ignore the click on the popup overlay

applyFilters( “ignore_close_area” )

Allows to ignore the "close_area" request and force an area to stay open

applyFilters( “reorder_areas” )

Filters the new z-index of all visible areas.