JS Actions

doAction( “position_area” )

Action to modify the Area position on the screen.

doAction( “resize_area” )

Fired before the Area position is changed.

doAction( “before_hide_area” )

Fires before an Area is displayed

doAction( “show_overlay” )

Fired after the background overlay is displayed

doAction( “click_overlay” )

Click on the background overlay detected

doAction( “ready” )

The JS API is fully initialized and all Areas were registered

doAction( “focus_area” )

Fired after event handlers were attached to the Area

doAction( “show_area” )

The Area is visible or the intro-animation has started

doAction( “init_overlay” )

Allows custom initialization of the background overlay.

doAction( “refresh_area” )

Fires after options were applied to the area DOM elements