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Which payment options are supported?

Credit Card

We accept any major credit card. We process credit card payments securely via Stripe.


You can also pay via your PayPal balance – i.e., the money you currently have inside your PayPal account.

Recurring Payments

When purchasing an annual license, you could run into problems with PayPal.

In some cases, PayPal does not allow you to make recurring payments via your PayPal balance. That’s true even when you have plenty of money in your account.

Unfortunately, this is a restriction that PayPal incurs and that we cannot control or overcome. Usually, this applies to PayPal accounts that neither have a credit card or bank account linked to it.

Try to add a credit card or link a bank account to your PayPal account. It might solve the problem.


We never process or store personal payment details on our website. Either Stripe or PayPal directly handles the payment. Our website is then notified about the success or failure. This is also true for recurring payments.

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