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We want to ensure that you are 100% happy and at ease with your purchase. If you have any technical or sales queries, do not hesitate to contact us. However, we know that sometimes things do not work out as expected. When you feel that our plugin is not the best fit for your requirements or are unable to get the plugin working on your system even with our help, we want to make things right.

This is why our return policy is really simple: No questions asked. Simply request your refund, and we will return your money.

We make every attempt to process the refund as quickly as possible. But experience showed that Stripe (our payment processor) or your financial institution could take up to 20 days for the refund to reflect in your bank account/card.

How it works

Step 1
Log into your account.
Step 2
In your account you have a list of your purchases. Each purchase offers the link “Premium Support” – use that link to request your refund.
Step 3
For the Support Ticket choose the Subject “Account / Billing”.
Step 4
In the message body, please clearly state that you want to cancel your account and receive a refund on your payment.
Step 5
After you submit your request, we will get in touch to confirm the refund and process it as soon as possible.


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