Do you offer Discounts?

We offer discounts on license prices at certain times each year. For example, during Black Friday. Those events are announced to our newsletter list several days before and also while the sale lasts.

Outside those sale events, we never offer discounts.

Here are a few reasons behind this decision:

No fake discounts. Ever.

Some companies offer coupon codes throughout the year. Unfortunately, users have recognized this and often expect a discount as a “reward” for becoming a customer. But this is a false game: Companies doing that practice often inflate the base price to offer fake discounts.

An annual license for less than the price of one hour

We feel that our pricing is more than fair: A license that’s valid for a full year costs less than a professional WordPress developer charges per hour.

We’ve spent tens of thousands of hours researching, developing and supporting all our products. And we continue to add features, fix bugs, improve performance and keep our products up to date with current versions of WordPress and Divi.

Not cheap, but valuable

Divimode is a premium WordPress development company. We are not here for a quick buck but to provide a rock-solid service and the highest quality plugins on the market. So far, we’re doing a great job according to the feedback we frequently receive.

When purchasing a divimode license, you can expect an extraordinary product. Not a cheap one.

We want to be fair

Imagine you signed up for a regular price and then found out that other people pay less for the same service. It feels unfair, right?

Every customer is equally valuable to us. And this starts with a just and transparent pricing policy.

What’s in for you?

We like to keep it as simple as possible: You get one license and can use it on unlimited sites, even on client websites. Plus, you can continue to use our products even after your license expired. No forced subscriptions, no hidden fees, no upselling, no catch.

The conclusion

So let’s be crystal clear now. If you can wait, then do it. Subscribe to our newsletter, and wait for a Black Friday announcement. You’ll get 30% off our regular prices.

If you want to get your license today and start building an amazing website, then grab your license right now.

Still, there is a way…

id you know you can earn money with divimode? We have a top-notch affiliate program. That’s the best way to get your license not only for free but to earn money with us:

→ Divimode Affiliate Program

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