Are your plugins GPL compatible?

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Yes, we include an official GPLv2+ license with our Premium plugin!

This enables you, to install our plugins on as many websites as you like without a restriction – your own sites, as well as client projects.

You still need a valid license key to enable automatic plugin updates for your plugins. If you plan to use the plugins on more than five different websites we recommend you to purchase the “VIP Membership”.

  • On how many websites can I use the plugin?

    Our free and premium plugins are fully GPL compatible. You can install and use them on as many websites as you like. There's no restriction in the number of downloads and installations.

    However, to receive automatic plugin updates of our premium plugins you need a valid license.

  • Can I use plugins for client projects?

    Yes! You can install and activate any plugin on any website, including websites that you create or maintain for other people.

    For this, we recommend signing up for the "VIP Membership," as this ensures all your clients will receive automatic plugin updates that are tested and compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and Divi.

  • What happens if I cancel my subscription?

    When you cancel your subscription, your account stays active until the end of the one-year period that you paid for. After that, you lose access to plugin updates and certain elements of the website will be disabled for you – like the premium support function.

    You can continue to use the plugin versions that you already downloaded/ or installed without a restriction.


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