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What happens when my license expires?

When your premium license expires, you can still use our plugins without a restriction on all websites that were activated.

Existing website vs. New website

An existing website is a WordPress website where you have installed and activated the plugin before your license expires.

A new website is any website where you did not activate your license before the expiration date.

Existing websites continue to work as normal. The user will not notice any change, and there’s no license reminder or other nag.

You can even install the plugin on new websites, but you cannot activate your license there. That means those websites display a license reminder.

Neither existing nor new websites will receive plugin updates.

If you deactivate (or uninstall) the plugin from an existing website, that website is considered “New” again. In that case, you cannot activate your license on that website again and will see the license reminder.

On divimode.com

Once your license expired, you cannot download the premium plugin from our website. So make sure to download a copy of the zip file before your license expires.

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