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This guide walks you through all steps of creating a new Popup using Divi Areas Pro.

Divi Areas UI

After installing and activating Divi Areas Pro you will see the new menu item “Divi Areas” in the wp-admin dashboard. You create and configure your Areas here, without having to modify any post or page.

What we do

For this article we will create a sample Popup that is displayed only on your contact page, for all users, once per day.

Step 1
Create a new Divi Area.
Step 2
Set the title to “Demo Popup” and Area Type to “Popup”
Step 3
Limit the display to your Contact page.
Note: You might first need to create such a contact page, or use a different target page instead.
Step 4
Add a time trigger to open the Popup after 3 seconds.
Step 5
Set the Area Behavior to “Keep closed for 1 Day
Step 6
Add some contents to the Popup Area and publish it.


Some Notes

If you follow the descriptions and screenshots above, you will have a working Popup that displays once per day on your contact page.

Note, that we have not checked any option in the “For User-Role” or “For Device” sections. That means, that the Area is activated for all users (guests and logged-in users) and displayed on all devices.

Also see, how we created a Popup on the contact-page without actually editing the contact page!

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