Divi Areas Pro 2.1.2
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Get an overview of what has changed since version 2.1.0 launched

New Area-Initialization

Divi Areas can be initialized by third-party scripts, such as Ninja Forms or HubSpot Forms. Yeah 🙂

We have worked on this improvement for a few months: From now on, all Areas are moved to the end of the website body (and hidden) right after initialization. There they wait for a while before they are detached and moved to the browser’s memory.

This small change has a big (and good) impact on third-party scripts that need to prepare some elements inside the Areas. Because the Area is still inside the website body, those scripts can proceed with the initialization, just as if the content was in a regular section on your website.

Trigger via URL hash

Another often-requested feature: You can trigger any Popup/Area by adding an URL hash! Maybe you want to show a Popup to people that arrive on your website via an email link?

Want to know the new easiest-way-to-trigger-a-popup? Simply visit any page on your website that contains a Popup, and then add the Popup-ID to the URL (including the #-sign!). This opens up the door for new workflows and also adds consistency with the already familiar “Link-trigger” where you set the Link URL to a Popup-ID.

Notice, how the #popup-id is removed from the URL when the Popup is displayed.

Changes for Developers

New: applyFilters( "apply_z_index" )
This filter allows you to dynamically change the z-index of any Area on the website. In case you need to move Areas up/down in the z-index hierarchy, this filter is a great way to start!
New: applyFilters( "area_preparation_time" )
The new Divi Area initialization logic uses a default duration of 500ms before moving an Area to the browsers memory. This timespan usually is more than enough to allow others scripts prepare the Area. However, if that default delay is too short for you (i.e., you get JS errors and your Area is not initialized), use this filter to adjust the delay.
Changed: DiviAreaItem.getData()
Now you can call this method without a parameter to return a full list of all current Area settings!

Also, make sure to check out our updated Codex. We have added 140+ JS API definitions to the documentation to support you in creating efficient and flexible solutions!

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