Divi Areas Pro

Visual Builder is not working when editing Divi Areas

In some cases, you might experience an issue when creating or editing a Divi Area, such as: The Visual Builder...

Ninja Forms

✔︎ Divi Areas works well with Ninja Forms! Ninja Forms is a popular, free form builder plugin that beats Divis’s...


This is an alias of DiviArea.applyFilters().


This is an alias of DiviArea.addAction().

doAction( “enabled_scrolling” )

Scrolling of the document was enabled again


Returns the area that is associated with the ID. Params Returns Returns a DiviAreaItem object for the requested Area. When...


Attach the given area to the DOM and add it to the list of visible Areas.

applyFilters( “get_data” )

Filters a value that was just read from a Cookie or the localStorage

Hummingbird Pro

✔︎ Divi Areas Pro works with any feature that Hummingbird Pro offers! Hummingbird Pro is rather easy to use and...


Remove the given area from the current list of visible Areas.