How To Add a Divi Carousel To A Website (5 Options)
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A Divi carousel is a great tool to showcase images, products, and services on any page of your Divi website. It’s visually appealing and organized, making it easy to display multiple items at once.

The ideal Divi carousel should have customization options that include autoplay slideshow settings, background color settings, and transition effects. With a carousel on your Divi website, users can access information quickly without scrolling or clicking through pages. You can save space and provide efficient access to information about your business.

The only problem for us is the fact that the Divi theme doesn’t have a carousel module by default, so users need to add it manually with a plugin.

In this article, we take a look at ways that make it easy to add a Divi carousel to a website.

This amazing plugin can turn any content into a carousel. You can add classes to modules, rows, columns, or blog posts and convert them into an interactive carousel. This way, you can display your content visually and engage your users more effectively.

Divi Carousel has no limits. You can transform columns, rows, or blog posts into eye-catching carousels. You can even combine multiple Divi modules within the carousel to create an even richer experience for your visitors.

The plugin provides customization options so that you can customize the look and feel of your carousels to match your site’s appearance perfectly. You have complete control over how your content appears when displayed as a carousel, from changing colors, fonts, and icons to adding animation effects or navigation arrows.

You can download this plugin for free on the Divi marketplace at Elegant Themes.

The Wow Divi Carousel Lite plugin for Divi lets you create beautiful, responsive carousel sliders easily. You can control the design with features like auto-play ON/OFF, speed control, infinite looping, show/hide navigation, and pagination dots. It also includes 3 FREE premium Divi modules: Image Carousel, Logo Carousel, and Twitter Feed Carousel. These modules provide more options to customize your design.

This Image Carousel module is perfect for showcasing products or services. The Logo Carousel displays clients or products in an eye-catching way. The Twitter Feed Carousel features your team with text, images, and social links.

The Wow Divi Carousel Lite is responsive and touch-friendly, so it works on any device without sacrificing performance. It’s lightweight and optimized for fast loading speeds, so you don’t have to wait for page elements to load!

You can download this plugin for free on the Divi marketplace at Elegant Themes.

The Divi Carousel Plugin is a powerful and user-friendly tool that lets you create unlimited carousels with advanced options and design possibilities. You can make stunning carousels for images, people, testimonials, and logos with just one click.

What makes Divi Carousel unique is its exceptional features that allow you to control everything in one module. You have complete control over all aspects of your carousel designs and can choose from multiple crafted layouts on the demo page.

Using the Divi Carousel Module is straightforward, even if you’re not tech-savvy. All the features are self-explanatory, so you don’t need any extra instruction or tutorials. Once you get started, you’ll be able to produce customized carousels quickly.

With various content and button options, customize your presentation with images, videos, text, and interactive components. Highlight specific statistics related to your company or industry to give potential customers more insight into what makes you stand out. Add links that direct people to the relevant part of your website for more information.

The Divi Carousel plugin is great for displaying customer testimonials. It has fields for their name, company, and occupation, as well as their opinion. You can also rate each testimonial easily with the rating option.

The team carousel is a good way to display your organization’s members interestingly and interactively. It helps you introduce each member, emphasize their skills and experience, and gain the trust of potential customers who may be unsure about working with you.

With the Divi carousel plugin, you can personalize the design of your carousel to make it look modern and appealing. You can also add social icons for a more current appearance. This allows visitors to learn more about each team member with just a few clicks.

The Image Carousel is a useful module that adds an engaging carousel to your website. It has an image filter, border, box shadow, and overlay icon for displaying images. Users can add a carousel slider of photos to any page or post for a dynamic experience. The Divi Carousel Plugin has everything you need to update your website’s content and visuals. With this plugin, you can create beautiful carousels easily to attract more visitors and provide an enjoyable user experience.

You can download this plugin for free on the Divi marketplace at Elegant Themes.

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Plugin option 4: Divi Supreme

Divi Supreme provides users with three helpful carousel modules to help them create dynamic, engaging carousels.

The Image Carousel module enables users to showcase multiple images in a rotating slideshow format. This is perfect for displaying product images, photos from events, or portfolio images.

The Cart Carousel module makes it easy to feature products with pricing and add-to-cart buttons right on the carousel. This is great for showing off specific items you want visitors to take notice of.

Finally, the Blog Carousel module helps users create stunning post slideshows that can be used to display their latest blog posts or news updates.

You can download this plugin for free on the Divi marketplace at Elegant Themes.

Divi Carousel Maker is an easy way to create a visually appealing carousel with any Divi module. With just one switch, you can create a carousel and adjust the design settings. You can rearrange the order and structure of your modules and choose from pre-made layouts or create one from scratch using the drag-and-drop interface. Advanced users can customize the code for even more creativity. With this tool, you can create stunning and engaging carousels without limits!


Adding a carousel to your Divi website is easy with the right plugin. With both free and paid options available, there’s no excuse not to add one to your site today! Thanks for reading and good luck adding your own Divi carousel.

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