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Popups for Divi

applyFilters( “area_trigger_conditions” )

Allows to add custom Area conditions right before an Area is triggered

applyFilters( “get_data” )

Filters a value that was just read from a Cookie or the localStorage

Ninja Forms

✔︎ Divi Areas works well with Ninja Forms! Ninja Forms is a popular, free form builder plugin that beats Divis’s...

doAction( “resize_area” )

Fired before the Area position is changed.


Shortcut to `jQuery.addClass()` on the Area.


Returns the jQuery element of the Area wrapper


Shortcut to `jQuery.hasClass()` on the Area.


Initialize/configure animation details of the Divi Area

doAction( “before_hide_area” )

Fires before an Area is displayed


This method is deprecated and should not be used anymore. Params Returns The function does not return anything. Notes No...