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Popups for Divi


This is an alias of DiviArea.addAction().

Ninja Forms

✔︎ Divi Areas works well with Ninja Forms! Ninja Forms is a popular, free form builder plugin that beats Divis’s...


Check, whether a area is marked as “closed” for a certain time span. This function returns true when the area...


Returns the area that is associated with the ID. Params Returns Returns a DiviAreaItem object for the requested Area. When...


This is an alias of DiviArea.applyFilters().

Hummingbird Pro

✔︎ Divi Areas Pro works with any feature that Hummingbird Pro offers! Hummingbird Pro is rather easy to use and...


Returns a single URL param valuewith the given name. If no paramName is given, returns the entire list of all...


Remove the focus-state from an area and deactivated that area again.


Remove the given area from the current list of visible Areas.


This is an alias of DiviArea.addActionOnce().