WordPress 6.4 RC1 Unveiled: What’s In Store?
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WordPress and Divi enthusiasts, developers, and website content creators, get ready to usher in the next era of WordPress with the upcoming release of WordPress 6.4

The anticipated first release candidate (RC1) for WordPress 6.4 is now available for testing, and it brings a plethora of exciting enhancements and features.

In a nutshell, and without further ado, let’s see what’s in store for the community!

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WordPress 6.4 RC1 Overview

WordPress 6.4 will be the 3rd and last major release of 2023, and with more than 420 enhancements and 445 bug fixes for the editor, it’s set to take your web development journey with WordPress to new heights. 

In short, the following are some of the exciting features and improvements you can expect:

A Multi-Purpose Default Theme

WordPress 6.4 introduces a versatile default theme, Twenty Twenty-Four. This theme boasts a wide range of templates and patterns that you can customize to match your brand. 

WordPress 6.4: A multi-purpose default theme

Enhanced Editor Functionality

The editor in WordPress 6.4 comes with 420 enhancements and 445 bug fixes. You can expect improvements in writing, design, and overall user experience. 

  • Lightbox Functionality for Images: Enable lightbox functionality for images, providing your website visitors with an immersive viewing experience. This feature can make your image galleries and media pop, adding a touch of elegance to your content.
  • Advanced Pattern Management: Organize your patterns with custom categories and advanced filtering. This feature makes it easier for users to manage and access their design patterns efficiently.

Improved Writing Experience

WordPress 6.4 includes new keyboard shortcuts, smoother list merging, and enhanced control over link settings, making content creation a breeze.

WordPress 6.4: Improved writing experiece

Additional Significant Improvements

  • Revamped Toolbar Experience: A redesigned toolbar experience for Navigation, List, and Quote blocks ensures cohesive and organized access to the tooling options you work with, streamlining your content management.
  • Block Hooks for Developers: For the devs, Block Hooks enable automatic insertion of blocks at chosen content locations. This feature enhances the extensibility of block themes and empowers developers to customize Block Hooks according to their needs.
  • Accessibility Improvements: WordPress 6.4 also focuses on accessibility, with over 60 accessibility updates, making your website more user-friendly as a result.

What Does WordPress 6.4 Mean for Divi?

For Divi users, the release of WordPress 6.4 is a significant event. It showcases WordPress’s continued commitment to improving the core functionality and user experience, which can directly benefit Divi Theme users.

WordPress 6.4 is shaping up to be a game-changer, and Divi users can look forward to an improved website-building experience with these new features and enhancements. 

While it’s crucial to test the release candidate on a non-production server, the final release, scheduled for November 7, 2023, promises an exciting future for WordPress and Divi users alike.

Stay tuned for more updates and enjoy the creative possibilities that WordPress 6.4 will bring to your websites!