Exit Intent Popups: 3 Ways They Can Boost Sales
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In the realm of online business, the challenge of preventing potential customers from leaving your website is a pressing concern. When visitors bounce off your site, they take potential sales and email list growth with them.

Which is why, nowadays, an exit intent popup remains a critical method for growing email lists and increasing sales. It is the best way to prevent potential customers from bouncing your website.

However, when we are talking about people leaving websites, we can’t help but underline that many cases, an exit intent popup can annoy page visitors, but when executed properly, it can help your business grow in one single campaign.

The exit intent popup technology senses when a user’s cursor moves away from the browsing window in question, and since this action suggests the user’s intent to leave the website, it’s the right moment to convince visitors to stay with a relevant popup.  

To understand how powerful exit intent popups can be, let’s figure out what type of marketing tool they represent and review the three main ways they can boost sales. 

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1. Preventing Cart Abandonment

Did you know that the average cart abandonment rate across every industry is just slightly below 70%? Moreover, online stores lose up to $18 billion collectively in sales revenue per year due to cart abandonment.

There’s nothing more frustrating for eCommerce businesses than cart abandonment. However, the good thing about exit-intent popups is that they provide you with the best way to reduce shopping cart abandonment and alleviate the sales process.

Brooklinen exit intent popup

For example, if you’re already offering discounts for first-time visitors, an exit-intent popup is an excellent chance to restate that:

Brooklinen exit intent popup

With this type of exit-intent popup combination, you can get more warm leads for your eCommerce business while increasing sales at the same time, not to mention that you’ll keep users on your website where they can place an order.

2. Providing a Test Drive Incentive

Discounts are an excellent value, but for some products, such as software, a discount code is too smaller of an incentive for someone to make the final step and purchase. Having a potential customer to test your product is a good sign of an almost certain buying intent.  

For example, if a user wants to bounce from Zendesk’s website, an exit intent popup will appear to incentivise the visitor for a live demo of their software.

Zendesk exit intent popup

While lots of page visitors will bounce, Zendesk knows that whoever is truly interested in the software will opt for the demo in the exit intent popup and eventually purchase the premium version afterwards.

3. Putting Promotions in The Spotlight

Running special offers is an excellent strategy to attract customers and drive more sales. But what if users decide that they’re not interested and bounce from the page for the time being?

A sales promotion exit intent popup is one of the best ways to drive conversions for your promo offer. It’s a time-sensitive popup that via creative design and clever copywriting, it can offer products to the right people, promote seasonal sales, and trigger a rise in sales as a result.

Elegant themes exit intent popup

Elegant Themes does an amazing job of notifying users about the goodies that are currently part of their summer sale via a colorful and time-sensitive popup.

This popup creates that sense of urgency that people can’t wait to resist, so they opt for the discounted offer before it ends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are exit-intent popups effective?

Yes, exit-intent popups can be very effective when used properly. Studies have shown that they can significantly reduce bounce rates and increase conversions, especially when they offer a relevant and valuable incentive to the user.

How can I make my exit-intent popups more effective?

To make your exit-intent popups more effective, you should make sure that they offer a relevant and valuable incentive to the user.

For example, offering a discount or coupon for a product the user has already shown interest in can be very effective.

You should also make sure that your popups are visually appealing and easy to close so that they don’t annoy users or interfere with their browsing experience.

Are there any downsides to using exit-intent popups?

One potential downside to using exit-intent popups is that they can be annoying to users if they are used too frequently or offer irrelevant incentives.

Additionally, some users may have popup blockers enabled, which can prevent your popups from appearing. It’s important to use exit-intent popups in moderation and to make sure that they are relevant and valuable to your users.

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Wrapping Up

When users show an exit intent on your Divi website, they’re planning to leave, and as a business owner, it’s your duty to do something about it.

Bottom line, not running an exit intent popup is your way of saying that you want to lose a potential customer. Even if the website visitor is interested, not having the last point of contact to connect can lead to losing that customer forever. Make sure that never happens!

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Sounds interesting? Learn more about Divi Areas Pro and download your copy now!
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