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With this script generator, you can create custom initialization logic that runs when a certain Area is opened or closed.

How it works

  1. Fill out the form to generate a custom code snippet.
  2. Copy the final code from the “Result” box in the bottom.
  3. Paste the code to your website:
    • When you have Area-specific code (with an Area ID) you should create a Code-Module inside that Area and paste the code into that module.
    • When you have global code (no Area ID), then you can paste the code into the Theme Builder footer, a js file in your child-theme, or into the <body> field in Divi > Theme Options > Integrations.


  • The form below is a “local form” that cannot be sent to our servers, the final code is generated directly in your browser.
  • Read more about ways to integrate JS code here: How to use the JS API

Code Generator

Either #my-popup, the numeric Area ID, like 2520, or the full Area name, like divi-area-contact-form. Leave this empty to run the code in every Area.

Enter or paste your JavaScript code here. Make sure that you do not paste the <script> and </script> tags in here!

// Please fill out the form above...


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