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Action and Filter Reference

The JS API uses a hook-system that is very similar to the WordPress PHP actions and filters. To learn more about hooking into those events, see the documentation about addAction() and addFilter().

Plugin Init

Here is a list of actions and filters in the order that they happen during a front end page visit.

Type Hook Details
Filter init_options Plugin options were parsed and sanitized
Action load The JS API is loaded and starts to initialize all Areas
Action ready The JS API is fully initialized and all Areas were registered
Action area_wrap
Fires after the outer wrap of an area was created
Action area_close_button
Allows customization of the default close button
Action init_area
An Area was registered and is ready to be displayed
Action refresh_area
Fired after options were applied to the area element
Action init_overlay Fired once the background overlay is initialized

User Interaction

Those hooks are fired based on user events and interaction:

Type Hook Details
Action exit_intent The mouse moved upwards, outside the window
Action click_overlay Click on the background overlay detected
Filter ignore_overlay_click Return true to manually ignore the background click
Filter ignore_esc_key Return true to manually ignore an Escape-keypress

Show Area

Those hooks are fired when a hidden Area is displayed:

Type Hook Details
Action before_show_area
Fired before the Area is displayed
Action disabled_scrolling Scrolling of the document was disabled
Action show_overlay The background overlay is displayed
Action show_area
The Area is visible or the intro-animation has started
Action focus_area
Fired after event handlers were attached to the Area
Filter reorder_areas Filters the z-index of all visible areas

Close Area

Those hooks are fired when a visible Area is hidden again:

Type Hook Details
Action close_area
Internal instruction to close an Area
Filter ignore_close_area
Ignore the close instruction by returning true
Action before_hide_area
Fired before the Area is hidden
Action blur_area
Fired after event handlers were removed from the Area
Action hide_area
The Area is hidden
Action enabled_scrolling Scrolling of the document was enabled again
Action hide_overlay The background overlay was removed from the DOM

Internal Hooks

Type Hook Details
Filter get_data
Read data from the browsers localStorage (or cookie)
Filter set_data
Write data to the browsers localStorage (or cookie)
Filter set_data_expire
Set expiration for the localStorage data (or cookie)
Filter get_option_{key} Get an option value from DiviAreaConfig


This reference is working since JS API version 1.2.0 – to find the JS API version, type in DiviArea.version in your browser console.

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