WordPress 6.0: The Novelties & The Improvements
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While developers were still embracing WordPress 5.9 back in January, WordPress leads didn’t wait too long to announce the roadmap for 6.0, covering the broader overview of the planned features.

Fast forward to four months since the 5.9 release, last week, on May 24th, we’ve rolled out the red carpet for WordPress 6.0 “Arturo”, named as a tribute to Grammy recipient Latin and Afro-Cuban jazz maestro Arturo O’Farrill!

Building upon what was previously introduced in the earlier releases, WordPress 6.0 delivers many new improvements, and features to the CMS, focused on the Block Editor and Full Site Editing.

Of course, the Divi Builder remains our primary tool for creating websites, but still, we’re excited about the direction in which our favorite CMS is going.

So, without further ado, let’s review the key features that the WordPress 6.0 brings to the table.

Full Site Editing Advancements

WordPress 6.0 upgrades along the foundation that 5.9 laid out and enhances the full site editing options in block-based themes that support Full-Site editing:

Now, developers can use theme variations using different color + font combos. In addition, this improves the new Style system by allowing multiple shortcuts that change the website’s appearance.

In block themes that support this feature, you can change the font-weight, the style options, and the default color palette.

Keep in mind that through the Global Presets options, Divi also enables you to change how each module appears across the website. Instead of one global default for an element, Global Presets allows multiple default “presets” for any Divi element. 

The new WP 6.0 version also introduced several new blocks, such as the post comments, read more, post biography, and the avatar block. Users can now also select text across multiple blocks, and alter the highlighted part of the block as a group while keeping the rest of the blocks intact.


WordPress 6.0 also inaugurates a locking blocks interface that enables you to stop blocks from being moved or deleted from the page, which is beneficial if you want to prevent accidental content edits. 

If you want to learn more about the blocks that are accessible for you now, please visit this handbook by WordPress.org that outlines everything for you.

Greater Templates Variety

Apart from switching styles, WordPress 6.0 now also enables you to develop custom templates with new template features for block themes and the Site Editor, such as:

  • Author: Displaying the latest posts by a specific author.
  • Date: Displaying posts from a precise date.
  • Categories: Displaying latest posts according to a single category.
  • Tag: Displaying latest posts via one single tag.
  • Taxonomy: Displaying the latest posts with an individual taxonomy.

This allows creators with additional flexibility when working on the look and feel of the website.

Furthermore, the Query Loop filter settings can now display input fields for custom taxonomies, which allows users to filter a post type by one or multiple custom taxonomies for the specific post type.


Now, web designers can also customize each template with the tools and the latest options available to them by using featured images in the cover block, controlling the size of the feature image, and faster discovery of new layouts.


Improved Block Pattern Experience

Since WordPress 5.9, each pattern featured in the Patterns directory is being dynamically fetched and inserted for using in the block inserter.

With the WordPress 6.0 version, the Pattern options can now be found in the quick inserter or when building a new header/footer. Now, with the new Pattern Creator tool, users can create unique and beautiful patterns built with Blocks.


The block quick inserter is now focused on patterns when editing a template (site editor or post editor), the inserter is at the root level, and when the inserted content is between other blocks.

With WordPress 6.0, adding extensive templates by displaying patterns and blocks side by side is effortless, making content development quicker and more convenient in the process.

Accessibility Improvements

As one of the most significant open-source projects on the Internet, WordPress also represents an inclusive place where accessibility is at the heart of the development process. With every new release, new accessibility improvements are introduced.

Some of the most notable accessibility improvements with the WordPress 6.0 version are:

  • When there’s no image alt-text is provided for featured images, the post title will be utilized as an alt-text automatically.
  • Enhanced tabbing for blocks that include placeholder elements.
  • More readable admin bar text labels for smaller screens.

To learn more about the latest accessibility improvements in WordPress, please read this post and review the entire list of enhancements.

How Will the WordPress 6.0 Update Affect Divi?

The WordPress 6.0 version continues the CMS’s prosperous journey of dominance and usability!

Of course, there are many new additions that both Divi content creators and developers will like and make our work even easier. We are impressed so far, but what does the entire community think about it.

The team from the Divi Chat podcast is here to deliver their insights, enjoy:

Wrapping Up

WordPress 6.0 “Arturo” opens up many new creative opportunities through its block, site editing, and the rest of the important improvements. Creating better content through complex partnerships is now much easier for everyone. Undoubtedly, “Arturo” allows you to change how the WordPress website looks and feels with advanced features already integrated into the core.

If you’re excited about the new features, test them out, and please let us know about your favorite WordPress 6.0 update in the comments. We’d love to hear about it!