This Is Our New Partner Agency
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At Divimode, we’re dedicated to creating new Divi extensions for you. But what good is a premium plugin if you don’t have time to set it up? Or if you struggle with designing professional Popups with it? What, if you’re stuck with a different task, that’s not related to Popups at all?

Keep reading to see, how we can solve those issues for you… πŸ‘‡

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Our New Service

Recently, we were thinking about ways to help you get the most out of our plugins, and your Divi website. And we came up with some great ideas. Next, we asked ourselves: “Which of those ideas would impact our customers? Which idea will give you the most benefit?

The answer was obvious, and here it is:

The Agency: Everklick

Everklick is a new Divi agency that can handle anything “WordPress” for you. Working with Everklick can save you many days of work every month. This helps you to focus on tasks that bring you more money or allows you to spend more quality time with your family.

They’ll help you with anything related to your online success:

  • Developing your brand and strategy
  • Design landing pages for your campaigns
  • Create entire websites or online shops (we have WooCommerce and EDD experts)
  • Making your Divi website multilingual
  • Set up Divi plugins, prepare Popup layouts, etc.
  • Marketing campaigns – from banners to emails or social media posts
  • Web hosting and maintenance – backups, updates, technical SEO, performance, …
  • Making your website GDPR-compliant

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When Should You Hire Everklick

Our existing clients hired us (or rather, me) to solve one of two issues:

  • They did not have the knowledge to solve a problem professionally. Like designing a website
  • Or, they knew how to do it, but they did not have the necessary time to do it on their own.

To make it short: If you are not a web designer, you should get in touch with Everklick to review or create your online presence.

Who’s Behind Everklick?

Though we’re launching the agency today, it’s not that new. Truth is, I started the web agency back in 2016, before focusing on Divimode. It’s been on the back burner for a while, but I manage a handful of clients since the very beginning. Just as many as were possible to handle on my own.

So … what’s changed?

It’s not only me anymore! We’ve partnered with (or hired) other Divi professionals, and we’re still growing our expert network. Awesome, right? Together, we can offer a broader range of services and have access to more experience than any single web designer could provide.

Team of professionals

Agency Experience

When you work with Everklick, you’re partnering with real professionals: You’ll find experienced freelancers with a proven track record, and people who worked in an agency in the past (or run their own).

Personally, I’ve worked in two web agencies myself, and am a vetted WordPress expert at Codeable. It’s too early to disclose other partners in the agency yet, but they all bring a solid experience to the table!

Do You Need Everklick?

Because of its focus on Divi projects, the Everklick-team has a solid background in implementing almost any project using your favorite page builder. There are experts for GDPR tasks, designers to create layouts, developers to extend Divi, multisite- and multilanguage professionals, and more.

Divimode Projects

Everklick and Divimode are close partners because… well because Everklick’s founding team is Divimode! We’d love to put our years of expertise to work for your business.

Naturally, Everklick is your go-to place when you need any customization for Divi Areas Pro or Popups for Divi. From design to custom triggers and third-party integrations.

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