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✔︎ Divi Areas Pro works nicely with all features that WP Rocket has to offer!

Divi Areas Pro integrates with WP Rocket, you don’t need to make manual configurations. Just enable Divi Areas Pro, that’s it!

Specifically, you can enable the features “Load JavaScript deferred” and even “Combine JavaScript files” to speed up your page loading.

And in fact, we recommend you to enable those features, as they are super effective in speeding up your website. However, they can break certain plugins, so make sure to test your page after enabling those features. And rest assured: Divi Areas Pro is ready for WP Rocket!

Heads-up: WP Rocket has a list of known problems with the Divi Theme and found solutions for most of them. Read more about it on their website: https://docs.wp-rocket.me/article/657-divi-theme

Automatic configuration

You do not need to make those changes – they’re just documented here, in case you’re curious 😉

Divi Areas Pro hooks into WP Rocket to apply the following exclusions:

  • Excluding Inline from “Combine JavaScript files”: DiviAreaConfig=
  • Exclude from “Delay JavaScript execution”: DiviAreaConfig=


The above-mentioned changes are all that’s needed to make Divi Areas Pro work with WP Rocket. If you still run into any issues, or you have custom JS code that does not work, then this might help.

In your WP Rocket settings, manually add the following exclusions to prevent WP Rocket from touching any Divi Areas Pro script.

  • Exclude file from “Combine JavaScript files”: /divi-areas-pro/ Info
  • Exclude from “Delay JavaScript execution”: /divi-areas-pro/ Info
  • Exclude from “Load JavaScript deferred”: /divi-areas-pro/ Info
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