Nitropack Review: How to Get the Perfect Pagespeed
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At Divimode, we are happy and proud customers of Nitropack. Although this is the case, this is an honest Nitropack review. Over the years, we have used many different WordPress page optimization plugins, but in the end, Nitropack just works best with the Divi Theme. If you are not a Divi user, there might be others that work just as best, but let’s take a closer look at Nitropack.

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Let’s Introduce the Nitropack Plugin

NitroPack is a website performance optimization plugin that’s compatible with any type of website.

What Does the Nitropack Plugin Do

It’s focused on helping users improve their site speed and pass the Core Web Vitals test. You’ll probably just need to install the plugin on your site, and you’re done. With automatic HTML, CSS, and JS optimization, alongside their CDN and image optimization, you’re guaranteed to get results in under 5 minutes.

Try The Nitropack Plugin On Your Divi Website →  Try Nitropack

Nitropack Pros And Cons

This is a complete overview of the Nitropack Plugins Pros and Cons:

Nitropack Pros

  • Good CDN
  • Automatic optimization for HTML, CSS, and JS
  • Comprehensive image optimization toolset
  • Tons of minor tweaks to improve site speed and pass CWV. But you probably won’t need them since Nitropack takes care of everything automatically

Nitropack Cons

  • Pretty lousy customer support for the price they charge
  • Track record of outages
  • Pretty expensive
  • Potential incompatibilities with Javascript-heavy sites. But this is something we’re reporting, not something we ran into ourselves

Try The Nitropack Plugin On Your Divi Website →  Try Nitropack

Nitropack Features And Tools

With NitroPack, there’s no need to build a “stack” of Website performance optimization tools. It just does everything for you. Here are the high-level features that it covers:

  • Caching – including smart page caching with preloading and smart cache clearing as well as browser caching.
  • CDN – a built-in CDN with 70+ global endpoints, Gzip/Brotli compression, and more.
  • CSS optimization – including handling above-the-fold critical CSS so that you can boost your initial load times, including the Largest Contentful Paint metric.
  • JavaScript optimization – you can defer scripts to improve initial load times and otherwise optimize all of your site’s JavaScript. NitroPack also has a unique way of moving scripts off the main CPU thread and delaying scripts until user interaction – more on this below.
  • Image optimization – it can automatically compress/resize images and convert them to WebP. There’s also a new adaptive sizing feature that lets you dynamically serve different images to users based on their screen sizes.

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For a quick overview, here’s what you get as soon as you install the plugin on your site:

Nitropack Features
Nitropack Features

Learn More About Nitropack Plugin Features –> Nitropack Features

Nitropack Pricing

Nitropack is expensive. That’s one of its most significant drawbacks, so we don’t recommend it if you’re just getting started with your site.

Nitropack Pricing
Nitropack Pricing

Nitropack is expensive. That’s one of its most significant drawbacks, so we don’t recommend it if you’re just starting your site.

As you can see, Nitropack gets more expensive the larger your site is. For an average website of 50k visitors, you can expect to pay $21/month for Nitropack. And it can get as expensive as $176/month for big sites. 

They also have discounts if you pay for an entire year in advance and a free version for tiny sites to try the software. 

But don’t judge the prices in a vacuum. Think about what you’re getting for your money. 

It’s not just a classic web performance plugin that minifies your CSS and JavaScript. It does that, and a ton more on top. Nitropack is an all-in-one solution for improving your site speed and passing the Core Web Vitals.

Our Verdict

Increasing your Website page speed is really important when it comes to boosting your website conversions and SEO. At Divimode, we have been using Nitropack for a while, and it is a no-brainer if you have lead generation, affiliate, or product-selling websites. The boost in conversions is absolutely worth the money you spend on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nitropack Better Than WP Rocket?

We don’t think Nitropack is better than WP Rocke. WP Rocket is much cheaper. So if you can afford Nitropack, we recommend you get it. If you can’t, WP Rocket is still a viable alternative.

Is NitroPack SEO-friendly?

According to our personal experience and results, Nitropack is definitely SEO-friendly.

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