applyFilters( “set_data” )

applyFilters( "set_data", value, key );
applyFilters( "set_data_{key}", value, key );

Filters a value that will be written to a Cookie or the localStorage.

The dynamic part of the filter name is the sanitized entry name. See DiviArea.Utils.sanitizeHookName() for details.


The filtered value.


// Example 1: Output data to the console before it will be saved.
DiviArea.addFilter( 'set_data', function( value, key ) {
    console.log('Saving local variable', key, 'with value', value);
    return value;
// Example 2: Disable local data
DiviArea.addFilter( 'set_data', function( value, key ) {
    return false;


The DiviArea.Utils.setLocalData() method will decide, whether to write a Cookie or to save data to the localStorage instead.

When this filter returns boolean false, then no entry is saved in the localStorage (and no Cookie will be changed)

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