Unleash the true power of Divi

Created by divimode.com, the company behind the free plugin Popups for Divi – which has more than 20.000+ active installations, and is possibly the most popular Divi Extension. This premium plugin is much more than just a premium version of Popups for Divi. It’s a new way to design websites.

Create interactive content

Go beyond sections and rows. With Popups, Tooltips, Fly-ins, and dynamic Inline Areas you can create truly interactive content, as never before!

Conditional Content

Whether you want to display a Popup on certain pages or show a contact form only to logged-in users: Display Conditions are part of every Divi Area.

Custom Triggers

Fine-tune the trigger of every Area: Show it after a few seconds, when scrolling down, on exit-intent or when hovering a certain element, … or even create complete custom triggers in JavaScript. It’s your choice.

Top-notch compatibility

Divi Areas’ goal is to support every Module that is available in Divi. It plays well with the Divi Builder plugin, WooCommerce, the Extra theme, and many more.

Powerful API

At the foundation of the plugin is a battle-tested, highly flexible API that you can integrate into your theme to take your website to the next level.

Clean and Lightweight

No junk in your admin-dashboard. Clean and well-documented code. This plugin keeps it simple and direct. We focus on providing you a cutting-edge tool that feels like it was always a part of Divi.

Seamlessly blends in with Divi

The UI looks so familiar to Divi, you (or your client) will not even notice that you installed a new plugin! No learning curve, no CSS classes to remember, no quirky, technical mumbo-jumbo.

Help and priority Support

Every feature in the plugin has an inline help section. When you have a question, get in touch via the Live Chat on our website or open a Support Request here on the Divi Marketplace.

Frequent Updates

There’s a lot on our roadmap, and we also listen to our customers. Count on fast bug-fixes, stable code, and frequent improvements.

Area Types

With Divi Areas Pro, you can create custom content and classify it with a Layout-Type. Each type has a unique behavior, individual settings, and suits different needs. Those are the Layout-Types you can choose from:
  • 𝗣𝗼𝗽𝘂𝗽 – displays an overlay that covers the entire page
  • 𝗙𝗹𝘆-𝗜𝗻 – small, sticky boxes (or bars) that slide in from the side
  • 𝗛𝗼𝘃𝗲𝗿 – positions the Area relative to the trigger, like a tooltip or mega menu
  • 𝗜𝗻𝗹𝗶𝗻𝗲 – inserts the Area into the page content like a normal section

Unique Triggers

All Layout-Types can be dynamically triggered. You can choose between any of the built-in triggers to create an individual and personal user experience on your website:
  • On Click
  • On Hover
  • After Delay
  • On Scroll
  • Exit Intent
  • On Inactivity
  • On Browser Focus
Any trigger can be enabled or disabled on a device-type basis: Desktop, Tablets, Phones. You can, for example, trigger a Popup with exit-intent on desktop devices, and use an inactivity trigger for tablets or phones.

Post Type Selector

Choose the pages, posts, and URLs that should load an Area. We have integrated Divis “Theme Builder” logic into Divi Areas Pro to guarantee a seamless user experience and unified logic.

Smart Compression, Top Performance

Customers love the performance of Divi Areas! This is the result of our smart JavaScript compression logic, which configures and initializes Areas on-the-fly with super smart and effective compression. Divi Areas Pro leverages Divis static file cache and is built with performance, stability, and security in mind. Test Divi Areas Pro today and see how easy and fun it is 🙂