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The fine print 

We provide a free and established platform for authors to submit guest content for our blog. To keep things just and fair, we have some rules that you need to follow:

Original, unique content

Please do not submit content that you have already published on other websites. We use the Grammarly plagiarism checker, and we reject duplicate content.

We encourage you to include as many images as suitable for the blog post. A tutorial might contain many screenshots, while a business strategy post could display only one or two diagrams.

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Take care to write the article in high-level, conversational English. Structure it and make it easy to follow. Always check the grammar and spelling of your text.

Send in proofread articles that have at least 1000 words. When the article’s core isn’t text, but a code snippet or infographic, you should still include at least 300 words explaining that core element.

Insights, not promotion

Our readers love to read in-depth content that is insightful and interesting. Please do not abuse our blog as a “promotion platform” for any products, discount coupons, services, and so on. The content by itself should be helpful to the reader.

Of course, you can (and should!) place links inside your work where practical. Please do not use affiliate links in your work.

Legal stuff

Please do not include stock images in your articles, but you are welcome to suggest stock images that we can use.
Attribute all sources (statistics, images, quotes, etc.)
You agree not to publish the same content anywhere else without our written agreement.
You’re free to have us delete your content any time. We’re free to do the same.

Free or paid

All guest posts we publish contains your article contents, and author details. You also get an author-profile page that includes a link to a website of your choice.

Usually, our guest posts are unpaid: You do not pay anything, and the post stays published in our blog indefinitely. All links in our blog are “no-follow” links.

When you want your guest post to include “do-follow” links, please get in touch with us for rules and pricing options.