This function returns a list of all available Area IDs. This includes the primary ID (which was used to register an Area via DiviArea.register()) as well as all alternate IDs that were added via DiviArea.Data.addAltId().

When the filter parameter is a jQuery element which is not a Divi Area, the return value is an empty array.

When the filter is a string, it is passed to DiviAreaItem.isType() to determine, which Areas match the filter.


filter string|jQuery, optional
An Area type filter (e.g., popup, flyin, inline, hover) or a jQuery element, which might be a Divi Area. When no filter is specified, the return value contains a list of all registered IDs.
Default: all


An array of strings which contains all matching Area-IDs. When no matching Areas were found, the return value is an empty array.


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