DiviArea.configArea(area, attrib, value)

This method is deprecated and should not be used anymore.


no Params


The function does not return anything.


// The "#" prefix is optional. Following statements are identical:
DiviArea.config('sample', 'show-close', true);
DiviArea.config('#sample', 'show-close', true);
// For boolean attributes, the third parameter is optional.
DiviArea.config('#sample', 'show-close');
DiviArea.config('#sample', 'show-close', true); // Same as above.

// Boolean attributes can be removed by passing in the value `false` or by
// setting the negated attribute.
DiviArea.config('#sample', 'show-close', false); // This removes the close button.
DiviArea.config('#sample', 'hide-close', true); // Also removes the close button.
// Example of configuring the Area via an object.
DiviArea.config('#sample', {
    'show-close': true,
    'trigger-exit': true,
    'close-alt': true


A list of all supported configuration options is documented in the DiviAreaItem.setData() function.

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