How to install Divi Areas Pro

Divi Areas Pro is a premium plugin that is hosted on and the Divi marketplace. That means, you can download it from our own website or the Divi Marketplace, depending on where you purchased it.

Installation via WordPress dashboard

  1. Download the plugins zip file.
    – If you purchased a license on Log into your user account. The download link in the Purchases tab.
    – If you purchased a license on the Divi Marketplace: You can download the plugin from the marketplace page.
  2. Log into your WordPress website as an administrator. Open the Plugins > Add New page. Once the page is loaded, click on the “Upload Plugin” button at the top of the page.
  3. Select the .zip file that you downloaded in step 1 above and hit the “Install Now” button.
  4. After installation, activate Divi Areas Pro.

Activate your license

Plugin updates are only available to users with a valid license.

When you purchased a license on, you have received an email with your license key. You can always find your license key in your user account.

After activating Divi Areas Pro, you’re greeted by a welcome page with a license-activation field. You can copy-paste your license key into that field to activate the plugin:

License activation dialog
License activation dialog

Alternatively, you can also enter your license code later in the Divi Area > Settings page:

Divi Marketplace

When you purchased the plugin on the Divi Marketplace, it is already pre-licensed, and you do not need to do anything. You’ll get plugin updates as long as your license on the Divi Marketplace is valid (for one year).

Common questions

Here are short answers to common questions we receive during plugin installation:

Do I need to disable Popups for Divi first?

No, it’s not required but recommended. When you activate Divi Areas Pro, it will automatically disable Popups for Divi. That means the free plugin is not used while the premium plugin is active. You can keep both active for a while, but we recommend disabling and uninstall the free plugin to avoid confusion.

I cannot find my license key. Can I still start to use Divi Areas Pro?

Yes. You can install and use the plugin even after your license expired. However, you need to enter your license key to receive new plugin updates and disable the license reminder.

On how many websites can I activate the plugin?

Our license keys do not restrict the number of websites that can use them. You can use your license key even on websites owned by other people (i.e., client websites). However, you’re the only person who can use the license key, and it’s forbidden to share the license key with other people.

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