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1.4.2 / 27 May 2020
  • ‼️ Default z-index of Popups now is “1000000” (that’s one “0” more than before) to display Popups above a Full-Page menu
  • ‼️ The DiviAreaConfig object is output in the page header so that values can be overwritten via JS in the page body
  • 🔥 When a popup is triggered inside a Full-Page menu, the menu is closed while the Popup is opened
  • 🔥 Optimize the Area display code for faster and cleaner display logic
  • 🔥 Now we support Popup triggers on any page (like shop pages or blog archive) and any element (like menus or footers)
  • 🔥 Full support for the Newsletter Module – the module did not work when used inside a Divi Area, though it worked in Popups for Divi
  • 🐞 Inline Areas are displayed correctly again
  • 🐞 The default Popup fade-in animation works again
  • 🐞 A Bug that would permanently disable scrolling of the page, when a Popup was closed while the background was still fading in
1.4.1 / 23 May 2020
  • 🐞 The minified JS snippet for Divi Area injection threw a JS error
  • 🐞 When editing a Divi Area, the “Delete” icon in the post/page list did not work
  • 🐞 Editing a Divi Area will now hide invalid position options, depending on current Area type
  • 🐞 Custom Popup width now works on WooCommerce pages
  • 🐞 A PHP 5.6 error in the updater module is fixed
  • 🔥 Hide the “Saved templates” menu item when Divi is not active
  • 🔥 License key can be set via the wp-config constant DM_DIVI_AREAS_LICENSE
  • 🔥 Many small changes throughout the plugin
1.4.0 / 21 May 2020
  • ‼️ Fully refactored JS API that is fully documented on https://divimode.com/knowledge-base/
  • ‼️ The JS configuration object changed its name to DiviAreaConfig (formerly DiviPopupData)
  • ‼️ Some CSS class names have changed, e.g. “evr_fb_popup_modal” is now “da-overlay”
  • 🆕 JS class DiviAreaItem that represents a single Area (e.g., a Popup)
  • 🆕 JS API function: DiviArea.getArea()
  • 🆕 JS API hooks: area_wrap, area_close_button, refresh_area, init_overlay, reorder_areas
  • 🔥 Split the JS API into two files – a minimal loader that is enqueued in the header, and the rest of the API which is enqueued in the footer
  • 🔥 Support for the Divi Builder Plugin is even better, cases of missing CSS styles are fixed
  • 🔥 When a Popup is opened, the scroll bars of the page stay visible
  • 🐞 Some script debugging options were incompatible with WordPress’ new block editor
Here is a full list of all API changes in this update: https://divimode.com/api-1-2-0-changes/ 1.3.1 / 11 May 2020
  • ‼️ JS API does not include deprecated function observe()! Use addAction() or addFilter() instead
  • 🆕 details in the Updates tab of the plugin settings give you clear details on available updates
  • 🆕 integration into the “Check Again” button of WordPress to manually check for plugin updates
  • 🔥 the updater-module to check for updates more frequently and smoothly work with the latest WordPress version
  • 🔥 the JS API further and expose additional functions
  • 🔥 triggers on Modules: Links inside modules are treated as normal links, not as popup triggers
  • 🐞 the blur effect of the background overlay after the WooCommerce changes broke it
  • 🐞 exit-intent Popup logic to recognize the “Keep Closed” setting
  • 🐞 bugs on some WooCommerce and Divi Builder archive pages
1.3.0 / 8 May 2020
  • 🆕 correct Area layout on WooCommerce pages
  • 🆕 compatibility with the Divi Builder plugin
  • 🔥 Exit-Intent logic so that multiple exit-intent popups are displayed one by one instead of all at once
  • 🔥 JS API: The DiviArea object exposes additional functions
  • 🔥 the minification of CSS files to generate ~16% smaller CSS files
  • 🐞 console error that said could not load style.css.map
  • 🐞 the “Close other Popups” behavior, so now it will really close other popups
  • 🐞 some minor bugs in the popup behavior
1.2.4 / 26 April 2020
  • 🆕 new JS API DiviArea.addActionOnce()
  • 🐞 a warning that showed up for logged-in users when WordPress runs on a Windows Server
1.2.3 / 20 April 2020
  • 🆕 the new option “Show Loader” to the Popup Tab to better support iframes inside the Popup
  • 🔥 input of Popup ID in Visual Builder to prevent invalid characters
  • 🔥 code structure for better unit testing and quality assurance
  • 🐞 some more JS errors that happened with specific versions of PHP/WordPress
1.2.2 / 18 April 2020
  • 🔥 better onboarding: Redirect user to license page on first plugin activation
  • 🔥 better JavaScript error reporting in the dev console
  • 🐞 a PHP 5.6 error on the plugins settings page
  • 🐞 a rare JS error that was caused by wrong load-order of JS libraries
  • 🐞 error that was raised when the plugin was activated on a site that did not use Divi theme or Divi Builder plugin
1.2.1 / 30 March 2020
  • 🐞 PHP notices and an error in the plugins settings page
1.2.0 / 12 March 2020
  • 🆕 a brand-new Tab to the Visual Builder that allows you to configure all popup details using Divi! No more class names in the Frontend Builder 🥳
  • 🐞 an error when saving an element to the Divi Template Library in the Frontend Builder
1.1.0 / 10 December 2019
  • 🔥 admin UI in WordPress 5.3
  • 🔥 developer integrations by providing new filters/actions
  • 🔥 and refactor the admin UI as preparation for future updates
  • 🐞 scroll bars in Popups that are taller than the screen height
  • 🐞 position of full-height popups that were displayed too far up on the screen
  • 🐞 a JS error in the options panel “Display: On Posts/Pages”
  • 🐞 the JS trigger description to display the correct snippets
  • 🐞 some typos in the admin UI and help
1.0.0 / 2 November 2019
  • 🆕 support for Hover Areas! 🥳
  • 🆕 support to save any Divi Area to the Divi Template Library
  • 🆕 full editing support to the Divi Template Library: Edit all Area settings in the template.
  • 🆕 close-button-support for Inline Areas
  • 🆕 two custom close-conditions with an optional close-delay for Hover Areas
  • 🆕 four positioning options and a new z-index field for Hover Areas
  • 🆕 a new “Max-Height” option for all Areas
  • 🆕 a new option on the Settings page to enable the script-debug mode for un-minified JS
  • 🔥 the admin UI stability (e.g., the number input fields had a rare rounding bug)
  • 🔥 the outputted JS code further
  • 🔥 developer integration by adding more WP action hooks/filters and API functions
  • 🐞 a bug where the Popup overlay was hidden too early when displaying more than one Popup at once
  • 🐞 wrong zIndex values when displaying multiple Areas at the same time
0.5.0 / 18 October 2019
  • 🆕 support for the brand new Fly-in Areas
  • 🆕 a new “Area Position” meta box for Popups and Fly-ins
  • 🆕 a new tab on the Settings page to enable the JS debug-mode
  • 🆕 support for SCRIPT_DEBUG to output un-minified JS code in the page footer
  • 🔥 the JS API. We rewrote the API from ground up with tons of features and enhancements: Detailed debug logging, an all-new DiviArea base object with support for WordPress-like hooks, and much more!
  • 🔥 the positioning and display of meta boxes in the Divi Area editor
  • 🔥 the display order of Divi Areas in the front end
  • 🐞 some glitches in the JS script that triggers Divi Areas
  • 🐞 the User-Role conditions
0.4.2 / 9 September 2019
  • 🐞 an issue that prevented advanced Popup triggers from firing (timed, on scroll)
  • 🐞 animation glitch in Safari/iPhone that displayed the Popup too small when using Divis “Zoom” open animation.
  • 🐞 logic that did not recognize Popups with upper-case letters in the Popup IDs.
  • 🐞 issue with transparent Popup background.
  • 🐞 the CSS rule that allows custom box-shadow styles.
0.4.1 / 5 September 2019
  • 🐞 a JS error that prevented Popups from opening in Firefox, Safari, Edge
0.4.0 / 27 August 2019
  • ‼️ Popup behavior: The size now matches the width of your Divi section! 🤩
  • ‼️ the default layout of Popups have no box-shadow. If you want a shadow, either add the class `with-shadow` to your section or use Divi to apply a box-shadow to the section. Style it your way!
  • 🆕 full support for the Inline-Area type!
  • 🆕 new meta box to configure the Inline-Areas location
  • 🆕 option to inject Inline-Areas into Theme Locations: Header, Main-Menu, Post-Content, Comment-Form, Footer
  • 🆕 option to inject Inline-Areas before/after certain Divi sections inside the post/page content – via class or ID selector
  • 🆕 new meta box to customize the Divi Area layout
  • 🆕 option to customize the Area width, enable the box-shadow and dark-mode (Close Button)
  • 🆕 support for URL triggers via the Blurb “Content Link”
  • 🆕 the Popup behavior “Close other Popups”
  • 🆕 two new settings to customize the Divi Area editor
  • 🆕 new WP filter options to customize dark-mode and box-shadow style
  • 🔥 the description and inline-help for some options
  • 🔥 minor improvements of the Admin UI
  • 🐞 select list behavior in Firefox
  • 🐞 Popup width on iPhone 6 and earlier
0.3.0 / 18 August 2019
  • 🆕 option to hide the close button and make the popup modal
  • 🆕 option to keep a popup closed for s certain period
  • 🆕 inline help for all Area options and settings
  • 🆕 an option to use the Area slug as an alternate trigger ID
  • 🔥 Popup triggers, esp the scroll and exit-intent
  • 🔥 Many small improvements and fixes behind the scenes
0.2.0 / 9 August 2019
  • 🆕 a settings-page to the plugin
  • 🆕 automatic plugin updates via the WordPress plugin updater
  • 🆕 the Popups for Divi JS library to the plugin to use it independently
  • 🆕 a new Behavior meta box to control the Close Button
  • 🔥 the admin UI to feel more like Divi
0.1.0 / 14 July 2019
  • 🆕 a new admin section to create Divi Areas
  • 🆕 UI to customize Area display conditions and triggers
  • 🆕 display conditions to target page/posts
  • 🆕 display conditions to target devices (mobile, tablet, desktop)
  • 🆕 display conditions to target user roles
  • 🆕 triggers to show popups on click, hover, scroll, exit-intent and time delay

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