Introducing the Layout Library Meet the new Layout Library, see how you can use the Portability support to migrate Areas and see how our latest layout option can improve your Area designs! Gradient Text Color in Divi In Divi it's really easy to create a text block that uses some gradient color, or even use an image that colors text. Even though there are several (premium) Divi extensions for this, you don't… How to remove Divi buttons from the tinyMCE toolbar Today we explore different ways to customize or remove toolbar buttons that Divi adds to the tinyMCE toolbar JS API version 1.2.0 changes Details about the API changes in Divi Areas Pro 1.4.0 and Popups for Divi 2.2.0 What’s the difference between Modal and Modeless Popups? When creating Popups or other UI elements, you often need to decide between a modal or modeless behavior. But what is the difference? And which behavior is the right one in each situation? Let's find Divi Popup Plugins Compared One challenge every Divi user faces sooner or later is the requirement to add a Popup to a website. While Divi offers countless ways to design beautiful websites, it still does not offer a way… Introducing Hover Areas and Template Library Support Hover AreasThe release of Hover Areas adds a completely new content layer to your pages: Create mega-menus, styled tooltips and more. A Hover Area is positioned next to another element on your page. Y The future of Popups for Divi 🤩 Almost two years after the first release of Popups for Divi, it finally evolves into a new, much more advanced plugin: Divi Areas Pro offers a lot more than "just Popups"! How to show a popup after scroll down, once per day Learn, how to display a popup when the user scrolls your page and limit the popup to show once per day How to display a popup only once per day As more and more people use the Popups for Divi plugin, there also is demand for advanced features. One of the most requested features is a way, to display a popup only once per day/week/month,… WP Migrate DB Pro VS Shipper Pro In this in-depth plugin review, we compare the two migration plugins "WP Migrate DB Pro" (by Delicious Brain) and "Shipper Pro" (by WPMU DEV). Both are premium plugins, so you might want to read this How to use the JS API The Popups for Divi plugin comes with an extensive Javascript API which allows you to monitor and control popups on your webpage. In the plugin documention, you find two code examples that can display