Sendinblue vs Mailchimp: Comparing 2 of the Best Email Tools

The world is changing and digital marketers are making use of email tools to complete their digital marketing strategies. The need for email and marketing automation tools is evident and may be the bridge between a successful marketing campaign and an unsuccessful one. An email marketing tool such as Sendinblue or Mailchimp connects Facebook ads, chatbots, and funnels all into one flawless strategy.

In this article, we compare two very popular email marketing software, Sendinblue VS Mailchimp. Let’s see what email tool is the best email solution for your small business.

Sendinblue vs Mailchimp

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What is SendinBlue?

Sendinblue Website
Sendinblue Website

Sendinblue is possibly one of the fastest-growing email marketing solutions. The company started out in 2007 and helps businesses grow through its email marketing tools (SMTP Server, Facebook ads, SMS marketing, embedded forms, funnels, etc.).

What is MailChimp?

Mailchimp Website
Mailchimp Website

Mailchimp is a very popular email marketing platform in the digital marketing community. You cannot call yourself a digital marketer or business owner if you have not heard about Mailchimp. Mailchimp was founded in 2001 and focuses on empowering small businesses with tools like postcards, google ads, Facebook, etc.

Sendinblue VS Mailchimp

Let’s see who wins according to their different features compared. In this comparison, we compare Sendinblue VS Mailchimp to see who wins in terms of pricing, automation capabilities, designing, etc.

SendinBlue Vs Mailchimp Pricing Comparison

When you need to choose the best email marketing tool for your business, you will look at what the software offers in terms of pricing.

SendinBlue Pricing

SendinBlue Pricing
SendinBlue Pricing

If you have a big company or marketing plan and you want to send out a lot of emails in a month, you should go for Sendinblue rather than Mailchimp. Sendinblue is very reasonable if you look at its higher plans.

Mailchimp Pricing

Mailchimp Pricing
Mailchimp Pricing

The biggest disadvantage of MailChimp is if you are looking at its free plan, the 2000 contact list gets exhausted very fast when you compare it to the Sendinblue plans.

Both Sendinblue and Mailchimp provide a free plan for their users, it will be up to you to decide the best package according to your needs.

SendinBlue Vs MailChimp Email Marketing Automation

As I mentioned above, Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing services out there, but Sendinblue is right on its heels. With Sendinblue you can run advanced trigger-based campaigns by analyzing email engagement, contact data, and web-behavior.

SendinBlue Email Marketing Automation

Sendinblue’s automation features are extremely easy to use. You can easily create targeted messages and emails based on customer behavior. 

Some of Sendinblue’s most popular automation functionalities:

  • The sending of emails/SMS
  • The creation of CRM tasks
  • The automatic segmentation of contacts into different lists
  • You can automatically update information in your contact database

To create an automated campaign with SendinBlue, you can navigate to the “Automation” tab in the navigation bar at the top

Sendinblue Automation
Sendinblue Automation

In the next window, you can select the “Create a workflow” button to start new automation. Now you can create a custom workflow or select one from the given templates.

Mailchimp Email Marketing Automation

To create an automated campaign with Mailchimp, you can navigate to the “Automation” tab in the navigation bar on your left.

Mailchimp Automations
Mailchimp Automation
Mailchimp Customer Journey
Mailchimp Customer Journey

MailChimp offers great packages and automation features. You can easily implement them by choosing multiple triggers. However, Mailchimp’s automation builder is not very flexible. You will have to adapt your strategy to the existing pre-defined flows.

SendinBlue VS Mailchimp: Creating Campaigns


With MailChimp, you get 100 email themes for different email types; newsletters, eCommerce, notifications, etc. This is more than enough to get you started. especially if you’ve got little time Most of the Mailchimp templates are mobile-friendly and well-designed.

To create a campaign with Mailchimp, you will navigate to the “campaigns” tab and click on the “create a campaign” button. This will take you to the next tab where you will choose your template.

Mailchimp Create A Campaign
Mailchimp Create A Campaign

You will then choose the ideal template that fits in with the campaign you want to send out. Luckily, you can edit and adjust the templates as you wish with the Mailchimp drag-and-drop builder.

Mailchimp Templates
Mailchimp Templates


Just like with MailChimp, Sendinblue also offers different email templates for different email types like newsletters, eCommerce, notifications, etc. Sendinblue offers a very easy-to-use, mobile-friendly drag-and-drop email builder.

To create an email marketing campaign with Sendinblue, you will navigate to the “campaign” tab

Sendinblue Campaigns
Sendinblue Campaigns

After you clicked on the “create a new campaign” button, you will be asked to name your new campaign. After you have done this, you can follow the instructions, choose your theme, and use the drag-and-drop builder to customize your campaign.

Conclusion – The Final Result

According to our analysis, SendinBlue is the clear winner in the comparison of Sendinblue vs Mailchimp. Mailchimp has a better email template collection but is a more expensive email marketing service. Sendinblue offers more features at a reasonable price point.

SendinBlue is a clearly better MailChimp alternative!


Which is better Mailchimp or Sendinblue?

Both Mailchimp and SendinBlue have their advantages and disadvantages. But when it all comes down to it, the reality is that Mailchimp is a little more expensive. Your choice of email marketing software depends on what features you need.

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