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What does this course cover?

We all see Popups every day, and agree on one thing: They are super annoying. And still, they have established their place in the digital marketing world, and they are here to stay. While it is easy to create a Popup, it can be very difficult to create a Popup that actually converts visitors.

In this in-depth master class you will learn how to master the art of creating highly converting Popups. We will cover some psychological theory of why Popups work and what issues can prevent them from working.

I will share my set of golden rules on creating highly converting Popups with you and walk you through each part step-by-step. In the end you can download my checklist and use it whenever you create any Popup or other marketing element.

In fact, most principles from this course also apply to Fly-Ins or inline banners. If you need to handle the digital marketing of your website, then this course is the right place to start!

Heads-up: Divi required

This is an in-depth Divi tutorial. (What is Divi?) The theoretical parts are relevant to every marketing campaign, regardless of the software you use. Other parts include some practical samples and specific usage instructions that are tailored towards WordPress websites that run with the Divi theme, or a Divi child-theme.

Who is the author?

My name is Philipp Stracker and I’ve created the lessons in this course. They are based on my own experience as well as principles I learned in countless workshops and courses from top marketing experts.

I am also the author of the popular plugin “Popups for Divi” which I created back in 2017. At that time I needed a simple Popup solution for a client website and was not happy with the existing solutions on the market. They were either too complex or too limited and inflexible when combined with Divi. So I created a basic first version of the plugin and decided to share it with other developers. Fast forward a few years. The plugin became the most popular Popup solution for Divi powered websites and has over 20.000 active installations.

The Golden Rules

During that time I learned a great deal about marketing and I read everything about Popups that I found. Based on that knowledge I built a premium plugin called Divi Areas Pro, which takes your Divi marketing to a whole new level. It’s a truly fascinating topic! And today I’m going to share everything with you in this course. It’s literally saving you years of trial and error and frustration.

I put all my knowledge and experience into an easy to follow structure, which I call “The Golden Rules on Creating Highly Converting Popups” – and yes, I know that’s an awfully long name. Let’s refer to them as the “Golden Rules” to make things easier to read.

What is a conversion?

You might think that “conversion” refers to a user completing a purchase or signing up to your newsletter list, you are only partially right. Conversion is something very relative and always depends on the situation. But it’s easy to explain:

Conversion is the process of users following your instructions.

So, the contents of your Popup define a conversion.

For example: You have a Popup to collect newsletter subscriptions. That Popup converts when the user types in his email address and presses the subscription button. Double opt-in? That’s irrelevant for the Popup conversion. Are they reading your emails? Also irrelevant. Conversion is a step-by-step process, and the user needs to complete a series of such “mini-conversions” before purchasing your sales funnel. The Popup is only one part of it, but a critical one because it’s often the initial, first step.

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