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In case you see the message “Automatic plugin updates are unavailable for this plugin”, please check your license key.

This message appears, when there’s no valid license key and therefore updates cannot be installed. , that you did not activate the plugin with your license key at all, or that your license expired and you need to renew it before the update can be installed.

Reason 1: You see the message “No License” in the plugin description column. In this case please enter your license key in the plugin settings.

Reason 2: Your license might be expired. Log into your account on and check your license state; you can also renew it from here, to receive updates.

“Destination Folder already exists”

If you try to manually upload the Divi Areas Pro you might see the following error

Destination Folder already exists: .../wp-content/plugins/divi-areas-pro/

This message means, that you have already installed a version of Divi Areas Pro on your site. For security reasons, WordPress does not overwrite an existing plugin but fails with that error message instead. You need to manually solve the situation.

The solution is very simple, but can appear a little scary at first: You need to delete the old version of the plugin before you upload the latest version.

Step 1: Disable Divi Areas Pro on your plugins page.

Step 2: Also on your Plugins page: Delete Divi Areas Pro! Don’t worry, all settings and your data will stay untouched by this.

Step 3: Now you can upload and install the latest version of Divi Areas Pro again

You can also update the plugin via FTP. For details, please refer to the description in “How to install Divi Areas Pro?“. When using FTP, the update-process is identical to the installation process.

Updates still don’t work

There might be a problem at any point that prevents automatic updates from working. For example, when your web server cannot connect to, or because of a bug in the update logic, then you can manually update the plugin:

Step 1: Login to your account and open the “Purchases” tab.

Step 2: Click on “View Details and Downloads”

Step 3: In the lower half of the page there is a download link to the latest plugin file. Here you can download the plugin zip-archive and manually install it on your website

By the way: If you have problems getting the automatic updates to work, please let us know via a new Support Ticket, so we can investigate the case. Possibly we can find a solution for it.

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