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We frequently receive support requests with subjects such as

  • The Popups-Tab is not displayed
  • Plugin is not working – there is no Popup Tab
  • Where can I find the Popup Settings?

So, what’s going on? Is it a conflict with another plugin, a bug, something else?

Divi Areas Pro

If you installed the premium plugin “Divi Areas Pro”, the custom tab is called “Divi Areas” and not “Popup”.

Only in Sections

The tab is only available for regular Sections. If you do not see the Popup-Tab, you are not editing a regular Section.

After creating a new Section, Divi will automatically ask you to insert a Row and a Module into that Section. In that workflow, the first settings you see are the Module settings of that new Section. There is no Popup Tab, as you cannot turn a single Module into a Popup!

Use the Layers View

There’s an easy trick, to help you edit the right settings: We recommend opening the Layers Modal via the -icon. There you will see the document structure and can easily open the Section settings:

Only regular (blue) Sections have a Popup Tab! There’s no Popup Tab in a Row, Column, or Module.

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